Monday, April 14, 2008

Pre EDX presentation

Pergh.. Nicely done! Eventhough I was the 2 last people to be evaluated for preEDX poster presentation. I’d rather said that I was having very good time there at block 13. Actually my evaluator was Dr. Indra Sati Harahap and Dr. Nasiman(my sv). Due to some problem (he was very hungry) he just postponed it until 2pm. Suddenly my lovely SV came in and ask FYP coordinator to change the evaluator. I was really calm and the presentation went smoothly. I’ve been asked to get the result of XRD for treated soil with lime to see the different. Overall, I’d say that I’ve done it with full of spirit. The question whether I’m going to be selected for EDX or not is other problem. It has pro and cons if I were selected. Extra mark about 5 marks for my FYP. This is my final semester already, so I just hope that everything happened with some reason and I’ve just to be positive toward everything that come and go in my journey of life. guys that having camera at that moment,do please share ur pics coz i'm gonna edit it.thanks to kak ima and kak ina for helping me a lot throughout the spexial thanks also goes to my colleagues - mas elina, noreta, pem, yusra,kd and ain for the support.. thanks to yon for comment on the poster (i've edited alrealdy, but not much~).

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