Monday, April 14, 2008

Ayat Ayat Cinta

Ayat Ayat Cinta is a beautifully portrayed Islamic love story — a tale of a virtuous Muslim protagonist who overcomes all obstacles of life maintaining pure ideals.

Fahri bin Abdillah is a poor, intelligent student who wins a scholarship to complete his graduate degree at Egypt’s esteemed Al Azhar University. Very disciplined and dedicated by nature, Fahri embraces his life in Cairo, completing his studies and translation of religious books with full enthusiasm, exactly according to pre-determined targets.

Only one goal is left unattempted: the pursuit of marriage.

For Fahri is innocent and pure, and doesn’t believe in the concept of relationships prior to marriage. He is inarticulate and shy around women. All his life, only two women have been close to him — his mother and grandmother.

Life changes drastically in Egypt for he suddenly finds himself surrounded by four beautiful, distinctly different women.

Maria Girgis, a shy, open-minded Coptic-Christian neighbor who is attracted to the teachings of the Holy Al Quran, finds herself falling in love with Fahri (a fact she only reveals to her diary).

Nurul, a student at Al Azhar like Fahri, is the Muslim daughter of a renowned Indonesian cleric. Fahri feels unworthy of her and thus ignores his feelings for her, leaving her confused and guessing.

Noura, an abused Egyptian neighbor, develops strong romantic feelings for Fahri, who in turn simply sympathizes with her situation. His romantic rejection destroys her and eventually leads to a false accusation of rape.

Aisha, a German Turkish student in Cairo haunts Fahri with her beautiful eyes. Following an incident on the metro where Fahri defends her against narrow minded bigoted Muslims, both immediately develop feelings for each other.

As the story unravels, the protagonist makes the audience face the daunting decisions he himself faces, and forces us to marvel at his undying loyalty to the true ideals of Islam as he ultimately makes the choice of a lifetime.

p/s : I got this review from the internet. Azhar, how’s ur rate about this movie?


  1. pem = azhar? azhar = pem? citer ni dh ade kt wayang blom? die tayang smpai ble? aku abes PIPE 5 may..kang x smpt tgk plak

  2. donload sude~ xsure..ko try tnye dak2 kt indon..kt utp ade youtube version je

  3. dah ada la ada org share kat dc++. tp aku x tgk lg. nnt2 je la. hehe~

  4. What a hypocrete movie.. Kinda pathetic too.. She wears veil where ever she go, still i can see her hair, and romance.. hahaha Pathetic!

  5. the novel is far better than the movie. you should get it for yourself. and btw, the novel was a bestseller in Indonesia. So don't ask why it's translated into a film.

    And talk about bestsellers, I hate to say that we do have really great novels and books yet our own people just makes it so hard to break the sales record. And then comes again that '2 books a year' statistic. lame, lame.


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