Monday, April 28, 2008

My Final Exam Timetable

Any comment? It's seem pretty good. The gap between each paper quite is just nice. Btw, this weekend, I’m going to Kemamam for Drilling and Production Technology trip to Halliburton and Baker Huges. This is the final field trip of my last semester in UTP since the last geology trip to Langkawi, fully sponsored. The other trip, like going to Cameron was self-sponsored. *dush*. Thanks to the lecturer and students involved in organizing this trip. Really appreciate it very much coz it will be the momentum for us to study for final exam that just around the corner. Pertaining that, I've to ensure that my fyp is right on track and prepare for the study week. All the best!


  1. gap exam day at least sehari kire ok ar. ;). gud luck.

  2. thanks dude...all the best..salam perkenalan too

  3. gudlak exam~~nnt sesame la njoy las paper tu yep xbes aa sbb ocm wt kt testrum jek..ape kes..klu wt kt chancellor kn bes..leh amek2 gmbo skali haha


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