Monday, April 21, 2008

Security Guard

As stated in the post previously, this week is going to be hectic and tense week. This morning when I was going to EIS test at Block N, I’ve already got a ticket – summon ticket from damned security guard. The reasons why I’m very angry and hot temper with security guard (pak gad) is the unpredictability of issuing summon tickets. Frankly speaking, right this very moment, I am totally disgusting whenever see any security guard even though sometimes one of them are good. Because of one of them create the problem, I am blaming all of them…ALL OF THEM!!!! Syhte!

Hereafter, if I see any security guard in misconduct act mostly SMOKING in the campus, then try to hide it, then the smoke comes out from the anus buttock. Very funny! (at HQ under pocket C) and riding their motorcycle on the grass (even though the no entry sign is properly shown) I’ll definitely yelling and take note their name and ID and report directly to beloved rector. Could you be more reasonable before issuing any summon ticket? 'Budi Bahasa Buda Kita’. In any case try to slow talk and give forewarning, and undeniably student will adore with security guard. The warning sign is only for illustration purposes. Security guard also park their motorcycle there so what the reason of the sign??? Then issuing summons ticket inconsistently. Almost one semester (4 months), I’ve parked my grasshopper; this is the second time I’ve being summoned. Come on~

p/s: LAN and Wireless suxx again. haih~


  1. budi bahasa buda kita


    budi bahasa budaya kita


  2. hahaha..sedih2x..x nk balik utp a cam ni..nk trus keje kat petlin..huhu


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