Thursday, April 3, 2008


Technology, Education and Career (TEC) Exhibition in UTP was very great event. I’ve the opportunity to get in touch with not only Oil & Gas Companies but other field like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and IT IS. There is lots of walk in interview however unluckily I didn’t even try one. What a waste!!! By reason of completing progress report of FYP, I missed the interview. Well, almost all of the company want non-bonded student with PETRONAS. The chances to get call from that company is really small compared to non bonded students like Mara, PTPTN and other scholarship. If God will, I’ll be hired by one of those companies in the future. Who knows rite? For this time being, I have to focus on improving my communication skills. I have to find momentum to speak in English and reply in a good comportment to any questions. Back to TEC exhibition, I’ve submitted my resume to Murphy, MMC, PLUS, Baker Hughes, Ramunia, Ahmad Zaki, Global Offshore, SBM and Technip. Which one to choose??? Wait and see the opportunity.

Task to be executed :
  • Poster FYP
  • Completed Atterbergh Limit and Hydrometer for Metamorphic and Sedimentary soil
  • Interim report - from abstract to conclusion
  • EIS Project - Construction Project
  • IKS final report - 'Islamic House Design Concept'
  • Start study @ IRC
  • List out the series & movie to be burned~


  1. pitya..aku nk crite korea yg best tau. x kesah drama or series :D


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