Saturday, April 19, 2008

Interview part II

First and foremost, thanks to Allah swt for giving me such a pleasure to have very kind and lovely assessors during Petronas Structured Interview this morning. One of them was a woman fro Research & Technology and the other guy is from Petlin. The session was run smoothly and I don’t even feel the overwrought. With God will, I really hope that I’ll have the opportunity to work with PETRONAS (Carigali) someday. Special thanks to those whose give me support and share the experience of interview with me before this. Iqbal Farid , Nazmi, Farid, Yusra, Najib, Mat, Pem, Apeq, Audi, Ezmal, Yon, Fara Adila and so on .

After this, I have to settle everything such as FYP First Draft report, EIS Test I, EIS Project, OCM Test II, Drilling Quiz.. aarghh.. Due to the interview, my work load becomes more and more…

Happy birthday to Fifi, Mat Sahnizam and Sultan Perak~


  1. woi, nama aku mana? mmg la aku x interview lg. tp aku kasi support gak. hahahah!

  2. Tq to Radzi too~ He is very the helpful person


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