Thursday, July 31, 2008

My very last day @home

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

I am sad. I am totally sad. After all, I won’t have this moment next time. Now I am in working world which going to be absolutely poles apart from student life. I won’t be having long duration of holiday anymore. I have to wake up early in the morning at coop with the morning environment which is traffic jammed! I am gonna love my life as student so much.

Taska -> SK Tikam Batu -> SMK Tikam Batu -> SM Sains Pokok Sena -> KMPP -> UTP -> PCSB

KL-Kedah, it takes 5-6 hours travel by bus thus I am gonna miss family reunion, marriage celebration, kawan2 especially Boolah, ‘jalan2 kampung’, visiting my grandparents and most important, staying apart from my family. These are the price I have to pay for my future. Alhamdulillah, I’ve completely finish my study and stepped inside the Oil and Gas world. I hope I could learn as much as I can about this industry, InsyaAllah. Therefore, I have to deal with it. After all, I am gonna make sure my family matters come first and cheer up my parents and my siblings. My promise! Thanks to those wishing me congrats and hope all the best for u guys too!

My lovely home~ Slamat Hari Raya

Another view of my house

Fyi, me and my family ate vegetable from my own garden yesterday! Alhamdulillah. After a month of taking care the garden and rite now, I am able to start harvesting the product. Even though it was not really look alike the vegetable that sold at the market, the taste feel great. Additionally, I didn’t use any pesticide except the coarse salt as snails repellent. Consequently, my vege was pesticide-free. Not for sale ok. I am just gardening to fulfill my pleasure time at home. I love gardening so much!!! This is the last day of gardening at my home. So I am gonna remember every single thing I’ve done at home coz everything has it starts and ends. Thanks to silent readers (ade ke?), to those who keep posting the comments and those blogger’s friends. This blog going to rest for a moment and after I find suitable time, I am going to rock it again!

p/s: Btw, ade berita hot!! Student IPT buang baby kt PERAK! -no comment-

This my very own grown vege!!!

Still on the ground~

matilah...xde kene mengena~ Last durian I ate last week. Free of charge coz just wait it fall down from the tree in front of my house. [pendek kata, sumer makanan kt kampung nih xyah kan???]

Monday, July 28, 2008


Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Hari nie aku happy sebab dah ramai kawan2 aku dapat offer keje. Especially my rumet [Farid] and Yaa. Tengahari tadi rumet aku pm thru YM and tanye perihal aku dah dapat keje. Siap wish congrats! Haih, lame betol nk wish kat aku. Mentang2 dia pon dapat Carigali Petronas gak. Haha...dah lebey kurang 4 tahun dok skali kt UTP, nih keje pon department same gak, Facilities Engineering Department at KLCC. Congratulation!

Memang rumet sejati lah!!!

Well, lepas nih lepas semua dah dapat offer, boley set duk satu umah balik macam kt UTP. Then, trip holiday hujung tahun bakal terlaksana. Nazmi, Bob, Ezmal, Ariff, Muhyi, Radzi, Niema, Cydee, Nieja dan laen2 yang ada berkenaan. Congrats kepada budak2 UTP yang dah dapat offer. Semoga yang laen2 akan menyusul kemudian. Amin.

Regarding umah sewa, Special Thanks to Yon & Ezmal coz help me out during dat day in KL mse report duty kat KLCC. Ha, lagik satu orang Azza Ezri budak satu sejolah ngan aku mse lower form dlu. Start dari SP - KLCC die follow aku. Thanks to u gak. Harap2 ko lulus cemerlang mse interview hotel tuh..boley aku g mkn free hari2 kat JW Marriot kan??? Thank Ya!!! hihi.. Trimas gak kt Parent Ezmal sebab kasi tumpang berteduh untuk sementara mase cari umah sewa. Akhirnya dapat gak sebijik bilik kt Merdeka Vila Ampang. Thanks to bf Farah.hihi. Yang paling penting kepada pemilik kad kredito..abes satu SOGO aku tersogok2~ hihi...trimas yer~ nnti boley banje kami lagi mkn Secreto Recipeto plak!

Tengs to Yon, Ezmal & Azza Ezri!


Movie update : Hellboy II

I give 4 out of 5! Well, this movie was good. I love the way the weird fish [Abe] - sing a song "Can't Live Without You" together with Hellboy. So sueeewit! Haha.. It's worth it coz the ticket price was MYR5. I can't use my SPE student card coz the price was fix at MYR5, if the price at MYR8 I can use the card. Guys out there, please watch this movie. One more thing, I love this character very much [the person actually]

Selma Blair a.k.a Liz Sherman !!!

Can you see that! The power of fire. muhaha.. Well, She's too good for Hellboy. Fyi, this movie not really boring like Dark Knight and the plot went very smooth. The best moment when She told Hellboy that they gonna two babies, which is Twin! I love twin coz I am a twin~

Reunion kecil-kecilan di umah Cikgu Azhari

Hari nih gak aku, Boolah and Nida g umah Cikgu Azhari kat Taman Palma Sungai Petani. G kaco umah tangga orang jek sebab cikgu satu family [3 beranak jek] berpuasa. *dush*. Pegi siap bawk Pisang Goreng Panas lagik tuh.. muhahaha... Tapi takpe sebab cikgu dapat pahala lebey tengok kami makan2. Hihi. Then, sembang2 sampai sejam lebey, maka beransur pulanglah kami ke HOTMAS!!! again HOTMAS!!! klik here to read about HOTMAS.

Trimas NIDA sebab payungkan kami berdua!

Lpas tuh trus singgah sembahyang kat masjid tepi SP Plaza n trus shoot balik umah. Dalam hati risau giler sebab Nida nih sorang je perempuan. Ape lak orang kampung kata nnti kalo nmpak kami masuk kampung ngn dak pompuan. SKANDAL!. Lepas anto, trus balik umah masing2.SELAMAT!

P/s: Tangan aku ade selut sket nih [dah kering ]sebab tadi g pasang net untuk tangkap ikan puyu ngn parent aku tadi. Banyk hell ikan dowh..sebab sekarang musin menuai padi. So ikan2 seperti Puyu, Haruan dan Keli akan mudik ke sungai dari dalam sawah. Rezeki free kan sebab tak payah beli ikan. Fresh lagikk.. Alhamdulillah.

Lepas nih aku dok KL, nk hapdet pasal ape lak eh... =(

Ok. Enuf for tonite. 1st time ever aku update berderet2.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day
"The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so as Hellboy and his team returns they must save the world from the rebellious creatures. Now, as the creatures who inhabit the spiritual realm gear-up for an all out attack on the human plane, the only one capable of saving the Earth is a tough-talking hellspawn rejected by both worlds"
Written by Anthony Pereyra {} [source]
Budak Neraka~ nak tambah Jahannam tak?

Sangat buhsan la. Nak tengok wayang lagi lah. Btw, barang2 nak g PIPE pon dah almost complete dibeli. Tunggu nak packing jek. I am going to miss my home very much. Well, sape2 dah tengok Hellboy2? Sangat best tak? Tadi aku ade tertengok disebalik tabir pembikinan filem nih. Ada macam2 creatures dalam tuh seperti Sotong Kurita Hijau tuh. Then ade muka pelik2 lah. Memang citer fiksyen macam nih aku sangat suka..Diarahkan oleh pengarah terkenal Guillermo del Toro. Antara pelakon-pelakon Hellboy II nih adalah seperti berikut :

Ron Perlman ... Hellboy
Selma Blair ... Liz Sherman
Doug Jones ... Abe Sapien / The Chamberlain / The Angel of Death
James Dodd ... Johann Krauss
John Alexander ... Johann Krauss
Seth MacFarlane ... Johann Krauss (voice)
Luke Goss ... Prince Nuada
Anna Walton ... Princess Nuala
Jeffrey Tambor ... Tom Manning
John Hurt ... Professor Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm
Brian Steele ... Wink / Cronie / Spice Shop Troll / Cathedral Head / Fragglewump
Andrew Hefler ... Agent Flint
Iván Kamarás ... Agent Steel
Mike Kelly ... Agent Marble

Muka die pelik kan?? Ada sape2 nk wat bf tak?

Okes, sape2 yang belom tengok, jom tengok wayang. Tapi citer nih yang cam version dah boley download kt Tp gmbo tak cantik lah. Nanti selepas aku nonton cerita nih, aku kasi komen. Coming soon nye movie plak SUSUK. hmm..macam best trailer kt tv tuh. Just wait n c first lah.Adios~
World Protector

An evening at Central Square Sungai Petani

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Movie time! It has been quite a long time since I watched movie at cinema. Recently, I continuously update the so called ‘Village Routine Task’. So this time, different topic. The last movie I watched was Ghost movie title ANAK with Mr.Radzi at JJ Ipoh last 2 semesters. I prefer to watch movie while having my lunch in front of my pc at home. Well, it just the matter of downloaded it from the internet. Back to the movie, it was so called Ghost Thriller Movie and pretty disgusting coz dealing with women’s blood which was scheduled to come every month… I guess everyone had seen the movie right? So, I don’t have to describe the synopsis of that movie. Today, I’ve watched Dark Knight at GSC and it was awesome! Great movie dude even though the duration of the movie was 2 hours and 15 minute. I won’t spoil the movie here and you guys should watch it by your own. I went shopping at Central Square (CS) with Boolah and his cousin Aiman and actually the major plan of today’s outing was watching the movie instead of shopping. But I did shopping some things and it caused me quite a huge amount of money… =p

/ngeh ngeh… soo sangap nak tengok movie kt wayang/

By the way, I am lucky coz still have SPE Student card which will be expired this coming December so I got the discount to but the ticket. FYI, I bought new mouse since my mouse having problem. I could online for 24 hours coz don’t have mouse… What a mouse!!! Then I bought the cheapest one at CS worth RM8 IBM branded. This time around I had to opt for PS2 mouse coz my usb port sometimes troublesome. Some update about Celcom Broadband here. This evening I was received a phone call from Manager of a factory asked me about Celcom Broadband!!! Told ya, I should be one of the ONLINE promoters. Guess what, he called me to ask about modem and the package. Ngeh Ngeh *dush* Person in charge, do take note about this~
Here are some pictures of Dark Knight Movie that I’ve Google thru the net. Enjoy~

p/s: Happy birthday to Arman

Sape nama minah nih~ lebey kurang awek Spiderman jek

Suara die mcm pelik sket time pakai suit Batman tuh

2 good friends ever!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ikan Haruan Bakar

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Just nak share kesedapan Ikan Haruan Bakar yang menjadi juadah berbuka puasa pada zaman dahulukala. Now, I need to update my blog frequently with this kind of post since I am going to left my pc at home after this and I won't have the oppurtunity to capture the moment at my village as I do have right now *so sad* I used to practice this during fasting month because last time, school holiday was merging together with fasting month. Me and my friends went to the padi field and small drain near there to left more than 10 fishing rode and come back later to pick up the fishes. In Malay term, we called it 'Taut' coz we don't really have to wait there until the fish snatch the bait. The baits that normally used were Worm and Frog! But, we prefer to use worm instead of frog coz that animal seems disgusting!!!

/mouse aku mengong nih..gigih gak ber photoshop/

Let’s forget about that and concentrate on Ikan Haruan Bakar. The recipe? OK. Firstly, just kill the fish with full of gentleness, take out the inner parts and wash it with Lemon Grass, Salt and Asam Keping (remember Asam Keping in previous post).You can either put some other seasoning stuff like Lemon leaf, Union and Serai.Then take a packet of Perencah Nasi Goreng Adabi and spread it over the fish, mixed until well blended and keep it in refrigerator for 3 hours. Afterward, start the fire and wait a moment to let the excitement of the fire to cool down and put the fist on the grill. DONE.

P/s: Happy birthday to Mak Jang Na & Izzul Islam

Preparing the BBQ set




Monday, July 21, 2008

Durian Raja Bau

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

Sebenarnya aku dalam mood sedih nih. Nak tahu kenapa? Becoz soon I am going to miss my hometown very very much. I'm going to enter my working life soon; next month and that means that I'm gonna have 2 days off for a week. Well, slalunye aku suke amik gambo & update kat blog nih, so lepas nih I'm not sure either what subject should I post at my blog. Nak kene cari External hardisk nih supaya aku bley save sumer gambo2 dalam pc aku dan bawak ke KL. I am going for PIPE (orientatasi) for 3weeks and started working in the office on 21st August 2008. 24 plak CONVO!!! wah2.sempat ke nk lari balik jup ke tanah gersang Tronoh untuk menjejak kaki ku di UTP terchenta~

Btw, sape2 tahu camne nk post PC from satu negeri ke satu negeri laen dengan reasonable cost?? Inform me ASAP ok. Tq

Sekarang, berbalik ke topik blog, Durian!!! Nih la durian yang di tanam oleh abah aku kat depan umah je. Memang manis dan rasa nya super duper sodaapp... hihi..kepada sesape yang minat makan durian tahu le sedap dan lemaknye durian nih kan? Durian nih pelik sket sebab die bukan bulat2 or sfera macam durian2 kat pasar malam tuh... Bentuknye seakan 'Kucing Tidor' sebab tidak semua pangsa ada isik. So kalo sebijik buah nih akan ada ulas yang sangat besar dan sangat kecik. Tp pape pon every year pokok nih mengeluarkan hasil yang amat membanggakan family aku. Terima kasih ibu durian dan terima kasih kepada Yang Maha Esa kerana Beliau yang menentukan segalanya. Kat bawah jugak ada Pulut Durian. This is very very very delicous! superlicious boley?? Tapi hanya untuk peminat durian je le. For me, 5-6 ulas is enough boz if exceeded I am gonna puke. Pulu t Durian nih makan ngn santan yang digaul dengan garam dan dipanaskan sedikit. Then amik beberapa ulas durian dan amik sedikit pulut. Tuangkan sedikit santan yang dipanas tadi dan makan.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ikan Puyu

Salam semua,

Hari ni aku nak cerita pasal ikan puyu? Tahu tak apa itu ikan puyu? Ok. Itu ikan 'darat' tersangat la hanyir dan hanya orang-orang tertentu seperti my mum je dapat menahan diri untuk menyiang ikan-ikan nih tapi yang penting ia sangat sedap kalo dibuat sambal tumis. Seriously! Well, sekarang let me tell you guys how actually the process of catching this kind of fish.

Firstly you must wait untill the padi started turn into yellowish color. Dah masak la tuh dalam erti kata laen. At this time, the farmers normally letting the water flow out from their field in order to make sure that the process of harvesting the padi run smoothly and easy breezy. Then, my mom and dad will find something like net to tight it at the end of the pipe which flowing the water from padi field to the main stream. Tersangat la kotor sebab stream tuh sometimes air nye kaler hijau ninja turtle. Why??? Sebab ade kilang paper yang discharge unwanted liquid to the stream. Salah sapa? After fitting the net and ensure the opening of the net is well fitted at the end of the pipe, then balik umah lah makan2, minom2 or tido sepam dua. Normally, we set the net in the evening and come and do a routine check up at night once, after the dawn and in the middle of the day.

At first day of checking the net, it was super duper awesome!!! Alhamdulillah. I didn't believe that we did catch a lot of em. Repeat.. A lot included Haruan (Snakefish). It has been quite a long time since I ate Gulai Ikan Haruan with Cucumber. My lovely grandma’s recipe. It tastes very scrumptious~ all we have to do is some cooperation to relocate the fishes into big plastic bag which is thick enough. If not, the plastic might tear off due to the fins of ikan puyu. Sangat tajam OK dan berbisa kalo kene duri ikan nih. Then, we have to put back the net and set the opening of the net and secure it with wire line.

The main problem is biawak!! Tahu apa itu biawak? Not biawak hidup. Itu peribahasa OK. This creature will just simply kidnap the fish caught inside the net. *pemalas* .The other option to avoid kidnapping from biawak is doing the routine check frequently. Sometime anaconda pon ada..hihi.. When the rains pouring down heavily, then the chances to get more fish is augmented. Well, when the velocity of flowing water increases, it will definitely attract more fish to swim into the stream and at the end caught in the net. Alhamdulillah.

P/s: Happy Birthday to Fatin Tenz and Lukeman Hakim.
The net~ Banyak kan ikan?

The Puyuss

A place where all the fish jump into and stuck at the other side of the pipe

This one is HARUAN...Very strong one coz I had bad experience with 'em.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ex SKTBian Reunion

Yesterday we were having such a great Reunion of ex-SKTBian at Radix Fried Chicken RFC, Sungai Petani. SKTB stand for Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Tikam Batu ok. The reunion was attended by me, Husna, Boo-lah, Herry, Pali ,Future Doctor from Russia Husna Abd Ghani and the most vogue teacher Cikgu Ainal. Thanks to Cikgu Ainal coz treating us RFC. Sape2 yang tak datang tuh sangat la rugik! The meal was superb and I proudly ate more than 3 pieces of chicken. I am not blaming other product, but this RFC taste great and very healthy. It was made of organic chicken which is good for our health. Fyi, that place always congested with customer all the time mostly on the weekend. The main factor leads to this scenario is the HALAL status of the product and their service. I believe one day, RFC will spread their outlets and branch all over Malaysia and hopefully to oversea.

Back to reunion, it was so called successful event. Due to some unexpected problem, not everyone turn up. Mie Chot just come back from helping his father at stall. Fahmi Zam Zam is working shift untill 7pm and the rest of gurls at PENANG!!! OMG~ kemana janji-janji manis yang ditabur bagai gula yang tumpah dari lori eksiden *dush* Good for us coz we can eat more and more chickenssss. I did say that I ate more than 3 pieces of chicken rite? Seriously, it tastes great. After 2 hours of chatting and laughing with each other, we call it a day. Boo-lah was planning to have another reunion in some other time and expect more student will turn themselves up.

The only one in Malaysia!!!
Delicious!Fabulous no CATReunion Boo-lah, Herry, Aku and PaliThe meal initially~ peace and calmAfter tsunami~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pitya nak Kahwin?

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Aku nak kawin dah ke? Am I really suits enough to rule a family? Well, I don't think so. So I am posting this wedding pics of my cousin just for nothing. Fyi, I am very proud of myself coz able to capture such a creative outdoor shoot. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Eiman Photo Media C.E.O which is Abng Eiman. Thanks for the guidance. Right now, I am planning to get DSLR soon coz my loan apllication was successful. Where you apply the loan? Loan Shark!! nope, it was my mom. Ngeh ngeh. But I don't want to rush coz I got so many things to settle down by the end of this month and before convocation ceremony on 24 of August 2008 [Sunday]. Yesterday I spent 3hours at Panel Clinic to do my Medical Check Up and guess what, I met about 5 peoples who work with PETRONAS directly and indirectly. The 2 friends from UTP was Halif and Azri Arabi. It such a groggy moment and the most scariest moment when the doctor wanna suck up my blood into the blood tube. Perghh..that's why I am not able to donate my blood.

Aku TAKOT Jarum!

Ok, enuf about that. I am inviting everyone to University Teknologi PETRONAS ConvoSquare to step in UTP and experience the environment in UTP itself. Adakah padang akan jadik Sawah lagik? Hopefully not. So, to those interested to come, please write the note in your calendar as reminder. Until then, enjoy the wedding pictures. Wanna see more, please visit my other blog or click here. Just using my Canon A400 Powershot 3.2 MP and the natural lighting helps to makes the picture look great.

P/s: Happy birthday to Ad3ck on 14 July & Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Al Sultan Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbudin Tuanku AlHaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah pada Tanggal 15 Julai 2008 bersamaan dengan 12 Rejab 1429 Hijrah.

I love this pose very much!!!

Looking for something?


Full of passion

hihi... such a great moment rite? credit to Doctor Adzrul Ariff
Coming soon..
  1. Ikan Puyu
  2. Durian- King of Fruit
  3. Jalan-Jalan dalam Kampung
  4. Jom pergi dusun

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Memory SMK Air Merah + PETRONAS

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

In memory - SMK Air Merah [macam kat Cameron-sejuk]

Here are some pictures taken at SMK Air Merah as my sweet memory. Even though it was just 2 weeks, I started to love teaching students there. As stated in previous entry, I did mention about the behavior of student sometimes overact. In fact, when I was teaching in front of class, some of them seem not interested to listen and just laugh at the back with their friends. Now I wonder how all the teacher feel and struggle when teaching in such class.

Thank You Teacher for everything !

To students SMK Air Merah especially form 4Sc2,4A2, 4A4, 2D and 1H:

"Please study hard and concentrate on your study for you future. I've shared my experienced with some of you that talk with me personally, do share with your friends. Please respect your teacher. Sorry for not having much time to be with all of you. Do contact me if you wanna have my suggestion/oppinion. Wishing you all the best for PMR and SPM!"
-Teacher Hafizd-

I noe how bad I was back 5 years. I started to enjoy life as a teacher and suddenly I got an offer from Publishing and Printing company [Yusran] to do Marketing. After announced to the students about my resignation, they keep asking me whether I got the offer from PETRONAS. Alhamdulillah, 2nd last day before my resignation day, I did received Express Pack [Extremely Urgent katanye] offer from PETRONAS Carigali at KLCC. Then I had to reject the Marketing offer and focus on the preparation of PETRONAS offer. Bad for me coz don’t have opportunity to mingle with Marketing world. I really had to concentrate on PETRONAS offer since I am sponsored by them; regarding the medical check up, stamp duty and so on.. Its going to be tidious to do it..I’ll update that soon. Those who still waiting for the offer, all the best and good luck! Last but not least, thanks to all the teacher at SMK Air Merah for your cooperation and guidance since 1st day i was at that school. Most importantly special thanks goes to Mdm Principal, PK1 and PK2 of SMK Air Merah for accepting me as replacement teacher. It was such a great experience for me~

p/s: Sok ade kendurik lagik..best2

Boys of 4A2 [some of them refuse to study if i resign!!!]

Guys of 4A2

Cikgu Fiqri, Cikgu Norafiza and me~

Me and Cikgu Zafiah [she's such a helpful mother]

Me and Cikgu Nurul Aini

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Bismillahirahmanirahim & a very good day;

Sedar tak sedar dah beberapa hari Bulan Rejab berlalu sepi. Maka di bulan Rejab nih jom kite ramai2 berpuasa sunat kerana banyak fadhilatnye disamping memperbanyak amalan-amalan sunat seperti Solat Sunat Tahajjud dan Solat Sunat Dhuha. Bulan ini adalah Bulan Allah.Ia merupakan bulan yang sangat dimuliakan di dalam Islam. Banyak hadis Rasulullah S.A.W. yang telah diriwayatkan oleh para sahabat Baginda mengenai kelebihan bulan Rejab, bulan ketujuh di dalam kalendar Islam. Rejab bermaksud ta’azim (kebesaran, keagungan, kemuliaan) kerana Allah S.W.T. akan melimpahkan rahmat-Nya, kemurahan-Nya.

Orang yang lemah dari berpuasa di bulan Rejab hendaklah bersedekah tiap-tiap hari, sekurang-kurangnya sebuku roti.

Kelebihan lain bulan Rejab:
  1. Di dalam bulan lain Allah membalas amalan umat-Nya 10 kali, tetapi di dalan bulan Rejab Allah akan membalas amalan umat-Nya 70 kali.
  2. Sesiapa meminta ampun (beristighfar) pada pagi dan petang 70 atau 100 kali di dalam bulan Rejab, diharamkan tubuhnya daripada api neraka.
  3. Rejab bulan Allah, Sya’aban bulan Rasulullah. S.A.W, Ramadhan bulan umat Rasulullah S.A.W.
  4. Rejab adalah bulan menabur benih, Sya’aban bulan menyiram tanaman manakala Ramadhan bulan menuai.
  5. Amalan di dalam bulan Rejab menyucikan badan, Sya’aban menyucikan hati manakala Ramadhan menyucikan roh.
  6. Rejab adalah bulan maghfirah (keampunan), Sya’aban bulan syafaat manakala Ramadhan bulan menggandakan kebajikan.
  7. Rejab adalah bulan taubat, Sya’aban bulan muhibbah manakala Ramadhan bulan dilimpahi pahala amalan yang banyak.
  8. Pahala amalan baik di dalam bulan Rejab diganda 70 pahala, Sya’aban diganda 700 pahala dan Ramadhan diganda 1,000 pahala.
Beberapa amalan lain yang baik dilakukan dalam bulan Rejab:
  1. Menyucikan diri daripada dosa dengan bertaubat dan memohon ampun
  2. Membersihkan hati yang lalai dan alpa melalui amalan istighfar dan zikir
  3. Mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dengan menunaikan solat
  4. Memohon keselamatan dan kesejahteraan dengan berselawat dan berdoa kepada-Nya
  5. Menginsafkan diri dengan membaca kisah teladan perjuangan Rasulullah S.A.W. dan sirah Islam lain.
Peristiwa penting yang telah berlaku dalam bulan Rejab:
  1. Israk dan Mikraj (27 Rejab)
  2. Solat 5 waktu difardukan ke atas umat Islam (Malam Israk Mikraj)
  3. Perang Tabuk terjadi di dalam tahun ke-9 Hijrah.

Alhamdulillah - Terima Kasih Ya Allah!

Kerana kita masih dihidupkan untuk bertemu dengan Bulan Ramadhan yang bakal menjelang dan melimpahkan kurnia REZEKI terbesar kepadaku di Bulan Rejab ini.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CEO Baca Blog Aku

Bismillahirahmanirahim & a very good day

Entry for today:

Blog aku dapat award~ [klik disini]

C.E.O Baca Blog Aku
eh? fullstop!


Sunday, July 6, 2008


It has been a week I’ve become a teacher [temporary] at Sek Men Keb Air Merah, near Kulim Kedah. Today was the worst day ever at that school. Want to know why? I got 2 session of 40 minutes class per session for lower form which was form 2 and form 1. Fyi,I am teaching Bahasa for form 4 and English and History for form 1 and form 2. Initially it was pretty easy to handle them, but as the time goes by, I am not capable enough to handle them in term of controlling the class environment such as they kept walking and talking to each other rather than listening to my lesson. It is for sure coz I am not having any teaching skills to be employed in class to teach them and convey the message of the learning objectives and so on. I used to be a temporary teacher at primary school and the experienced of teaching them as a children who still need more than 100% of guidance from a teacher to be able to survive in the future. For example, teaching a children is rather complicated than teacher a mature or an adult student. In addition, my qualification for this job is SPM level so you can imagine how much you going to get at the end of the period. But, it’s ok with me actually coz I have the chances to share my knowledge and get to know the students. The most important thing is, teacher and the rest of students call me ‘Sir and Cikgu’. That is the most interesting coz every time I walk to the class and bump into other students; they will surely call me ‘Good Afternoon Sir’, ‘Assalamualaikum Cikgu’ and ‘Cikgu’ by lowering their head as sign of respect.

Why is a teacher as my option for temporary job? As mentioned in previous post, I was bored at home so I took a day to seek for a job. With the help from Bullah’s brother, I am able to start teaching at secondary school of SMK Air Merah. It is a daily school and not SBP or MRSM. So the first impression of that school was bad for me coz this school is well known for some critical cases [sekolah harian biasa so what do u expect]. Actually it is not the type of school which resemble whether the school is bad or not good in term of academic and moral ethics, but the way students and teachers mixed around and try to adapt the environment of SBP. As for my opinion, when you are a teacher, you have to make sure to carry out the responsibility as a teacher 100 percent. All of us used to be a student at primary and secondary school, so we know what actually we need and the way the teacher teach us. We’ve seen the world of school since 10 years ago. As for me, I need to ensure that students were able to understand the lesson and excellently performed in their academic as well as posses high moral ethics.

I am not blaming teachers for what had happened nowadays. It is a win-win situation among teacher and student. I’d like to invite those students to appreciate your teacher’s effort to teach you in class. The same thing goes to the teacher. Please teach your student with full of sincerity and with this, InsyaAllah the knowledge that receive by the student will be blessed and useful to everyone in the future. Teacher actually loves the students who come and seek their help outside the class session. Teachers will feel that students actually appreciates what they have coached in class.

For time being, I am waiting for the placement at PETRONAS as I am recommended during the interview last 3 month. Please pray for me and my friends to get the placement soon as I am not going to add up my sin if I am not teaching students properly. They sure gonna remember what I've lectured them till the rest of their life whether the knowledge is good or bad to them [hopefully the good things lah]. One thing that makes me feel hard to to quit from this job at this moment is this sentences

'Cikgu, jangan la berenti lagik, kami ni asyik bertukar Cikgu je, sampai bile kami nk cemerlang'
'Cikgu, please la. Tolong kami. Kami nk terrer dalam Bahasa Inggeris tapi tak tau cara camne nk buat '

'Tahun depan kami SPM, skang nih Cikgu plak xde, camne kami nak catch-up, lgpun kami suka ngn Cikgu'

[mentang2 aku nihensem...muhahaha..]

Fyi, I am wearing long sleeve product of SEED which slightly exposed the figure of my body. Then this statement came out from student at 4S2
'Cikgu slalu g gym ke? Bukan saya kata, tapi si Polan bin Polan ni kata Cikgu Tough la'

[hihi...mmg baju SEED tuh fit la, nak wat camne itu adalah reality *lol*]

Ok, mau tido dulu. Esok kene bangun awal sebab nk bersiap-siap g sekolah kul5.55am dah kene bangun. Good for me then, mandi sebelum matahari terbit baik untuk kesihatan. Kul 12.00 dah kene masuk ke kamar peraduan. Good Nite sumer~

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ayam Kampung HOT


Kali ni aku nak bercerita pasal Ayam Kampung. Pernah korang makan Ayam Kampung. Actually, Ayam Kampung sangat sedap superb! Talak tipu ooo… ngeh ngeh..jangan pikir bukan2 plak. Semalam aku dan adik2 ku menjadi penangkap Ayam Kampung yang terrer *aku tukang suluh je sb ayam tuh busuk* uiks.. Haha.. sebab dulu2 masa derang kecik2, keje tangkap Ayam Kampung dah jadi routine aku ngan kembar aku, so sekarang nih let them be plak supaya derang tahu camne keje tangkap ayam nih *derang lagik terrer sebenryne*

Tahu tak camne nk tangkap Ayam Kampung ni? Sape2 yang pernah dok kat kampong or yang ada kampong mesti tahu kan? Ada banyak cara nak tangkap Ayam Kampung. Tapi teknik yang digunakan oleh aku dan adik2 aku semalam adalah yang paling simple dan straight forward. We just catch and put it in the cage. Tapi sebelum nak tangkap tuh kene ready mental dan fizikal sebab Ayam Kampung nih rabun malam, so memang die akan terbang or terkam ikot suke die and possibility nak kene terajang dengan Ayam Kampung nih pon ade le. Dah le taji die tuh tajam. Mau injured diseparuh masa pertama lagik. So aku nye keje semalam hanya pegang torchlight and direct it to the ayams. Adik aku akan panjat stor simpanan padi tu dan attack kat bahagian kaki dan tengkok Ayam Kampung tersebut maka tidak bising la ia[kalo tak buat camtuh, mesti orng kata ade pencuri sedang mencuri ayam, Naya je kene pukol kang]. Pastu terus masuk dalam jerkap [sangkar yang diperbuat dari buluh/rotan - portable]. Chewaah..portable tuh. Ingat gajet electronic ke?

*/iklan sebentar : sile check [sini] untuk tengok gambar & video Demonstrasi Pekerja Kilang di Tikam Batu pada 3 July 2008./*

Selalunya orang tangkap Ayam Kampung ni mase waktu2 perayaan or kenduri kendara, tapi kat umah aku nih ikot suka suki. Mak Su aku slalu kasi makan kat ayam- ayam nih, mmg sedap la nk buat ‘Ayam Masak Kicap’. Wah, tak sabar nk tunggu weekend nih sebab my Mom yang akan masak. Aku akan jadik tukang sembelih je. Satu lagi recipe mama aku yang sedap adalah ‘Rendang Ayam’ yang dimasak bile time nk sambut raya. Wajib gune Ayam Kampung dan di topup dengan Ayam Bandar untuk kasi banyak isi sket. Eh, raya bulan seploh kan? Hmm puasa dah dekat nih. Alamatnye aku nye birthday sambut dalam bulan suci Ramadhan lagik le. Take note ye guys~

*/alamak! udah lama gue tak sembelih ayam/*

Lagi satu, korang yang pernah makan Ayam Kampung goreng mesti sudah pasti akan rasa keenakan dan kelazatan daging Ayam Kampung nih. Liat dan mengasyikkan ala ala makan KFC or RFC dan berserta OFC . OFC??? Apekah itu? Sile refer [sini] yer. Tapi kalo KFC dan seantara dengan nya, daging ayam nye daging express yang melalui proses pembesaran yang cepat. So aku bley conclude kata daging ayam express nih tidak sempat untung matang dan menjadi sesedap Ayam Kampung. Dulu aku ada gak pernah bela Ayam Daging nih, beli anak ayam sehari sebelum puasa dan lepas 3 hari raya dah boley disembelih *kate ayam express* tapi amat menyedihkan sebab daging nya tak montok, pejal dan tegar macam daging Ayam Kampung. So statement mengenai Ayam Kampung diatas akan diulang. Ayam Express tak sesedap Ayam Kampung! Ok

P/s: Lepas nih terasa nak makan kambing la plak, tapi kambing mane ade kat kampung aku..

Attention to CEO Celcom : Sile amik aku jadi promoter online and bayar gaji aku dalam USD/Euro sebab aku skng menjadi tempat rujukan dan pertanyaan serta untuk kasi setting kat pengguna Celcom Broadband. Boley? =p

Nih la Ayam Kampung yang diwar-war kan tuh. Hot tak?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ice Blended

Assalamualaikum wbt to everyone~

Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday. The most important day in my life coz tomorrow I’ll be having my Ice Blended worth of RM2! Take a look at the picture above. Can yiou see it?? The chocolate rice on the top of ice cream. Nyum nyum..As mentioned in previous post, I bought it at Night Market (Pasar Malam). Is that true that the price just RM2? Well, considering my location of Pasar Malam is at Northern region, so the price also as low as it can.... When you wanna compare it with Ipoh or KL; I don’t think both of them will fit together. Last time I bought Ice Blended at Pasar Malam Taman Maju [UTP], the price was nearly RM4! Really absurd! But, as the current status of our economy, the price hike of every single thing will definitely occurs. For now, just enjoy what we have until we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy it some other time. Update : Final Euro2008: Germany vs Spain  Congrat Spain!haha..dah lama gak tak update blog nih. Almaklumlah sibuk sket...

Ok, actually I am working right now. I’ll update that soon. Regarding the Hottest Post [read it here dude~]in my blog last time, I’d like to take this opportunity to express gratefulness to every one of you that give me support and cheer me up. I know that I am not good as the Anonymous; but at least I give it a try. Btw thanks to Anonymous coz you make my post hot! Thanks a lot. The comment from Anonymous deviated the visitor’s concern to post their comment on cockroach. But, they still manage to comment after a long mumbling and keep on supporting me via supportive comments. Thanks to everyone.

Hot News! Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is gay? With the little cute Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Is that true? Mainan politik kah ini? Di saat negara sedang mengalami kegawatan harga minyak dan harga barang makanan. Take a look at the picture below; doesn't the editor of the picture put some effort to make the picture look lovely~ I wonder how 'they' manage to comes out with the scandal or maybe 'tomahan mengeji' toward him. Or maybe after this akan timbul rakaman video Anwar Saiful di Youtube or Fyroo ? Diharapkan pihak berkuasa dapat mencari bukti dengan adil dan telus supaya kebenaran akan ditegakkan. Kalau selepas ni ade plak gambar-gambar negatif Anwar dan Saiful di internet, siapakan akan dipersalahkan? Bak status gtalk Radzi, "Lu Pikir Sendirik"

Anwar bersama Saiful [Utusan Malaysia]