Friday, April 18, 2008


I was really happy anxious regarding the interview tomorrow morning. From the story I’ve heard before, some were good news and some were bad. Less than 24 hrs, I’ll be one of the rests which has been interviewed by PETRONAS. Basically, it will start with introduction, case study and role play. I pray that I’ll get the suitable assessor. All the best!

Wireless and Lan sucks again~ Happy birthday Sultan Perak. Happy belated birthday to Mazby Zubir and Zulhilmi.


  1. u can do it. BeSt oF LuCK! ^_^

  2. good luck pitya! ramai minta sbo & sko ni, so mcm mana?

  3. abuwaswas2@blogspot

    filmnya bagus, apalagi cinematogafinya.

    Pemandangan padang pasir, scorenya bagus, ceritanya gak murahan.

    Karena Pak Presiden dan Pak Wakil presiden nonton, makanya aku ikut nonton.

    Katanya Pak Presiden nangis lho, aku pun juga nangis 4 x.

    Ajak istri dan rekan2 ke Cinema deh.

    sampai jumpa , ke blog aku lagi ya.


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