Friday, April 11, 2008


Almost two semesters already I’ve been working on with my fyp. Today, at this rite very moment, all the experiment finally over. After this, I don’t have to go to the lab for conducting the test anymore. Still I have to go and have a visit there…thanks to kak ima, abng zaini and the rest of lab technicians for the help. My special thanks also goes to beloved frens pem, noreta, yus, kd, maselina, ain and judin for being such a great companion in the lab. Actually the fyp is not totally over; I still have lots of thing to settle down regarding fyp. Shyte…i don’t have correct word to use. Maybe I’m too tired. All my fingers also keep on pressing the wrong place on the keyboard. This is the list out of things that I’ve done and don’t have to enlighten here due some circumstances.

  • Watching free movie ‘la buche’ – its French’s week so got free movie at auditorium. Tonight’s movie is ‘7 days in Tibet’. Unfortunately I’m very damn tired!
  • Preliminary nasyid competition – I’ve arrived at the mph somewhat late after watching the movie at auditorium. Most of the group very tempting and possess very excellent voice projection. Hihi.. my comment just like pengkritik af.
  • Roti canai USM café - I am really obsessed to the taste of roti canai malay made at usm café. The flavor of the roti is very scrumptious. Normally I bought 1 roti canai + 1 roti canai telur. Pergghh.. Delicious! I’d recommend to UTPian, have a visit at the USM café whether morning for breakfast or at night for dinner.

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p/s: happy belated birthday to yusra and happy birthday to salwani~

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