Saturday, April 5, 2008


Dear readers, just a simple question to ponder here “Why a couple normally doesn’t distinguish their friend when bumped into each other? The real question is how long they have been known each other since they become a couple compare to the friends which might be from the first step in this university (narrow down the scope). Come on, please be honest, and don’t show off your hypocrite!!! Sorry guys for being offensive here. Well, not everybody like that right? He or she might be ‘blinded’ with the love’s supremacy which disable the ability to differentiate everything. Normally the couple tends to do anything forbidden but take it not very seriously. You know what is that mean rite? Just precede your journey and not ignore them as well as at the same time pray for them to success in their relationship.

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  1. ni kes member buat2 x kenal kalo tgh jalan dgn awek ni. mcm kenal je sapa. lalala~


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