Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Connection was reset by deer...

Approximately 23 days left to end my final semester in this lovely UTP. Internet connection speed is the main problem among those students not only for final semester. The connection is really sucked! I don’t know what the problem is. The mirc has been closed, but the speed is still the same. Wireless is like a chipsmore. Sometimes the signal is rather good and some of the other time very awful! I don’t want to end my precious final semester with the dreadful memory tag along. Luckily, I still have other option surf internet that having very very high speed at IRC. It was really amazing once you sit and stay tight on the chair at the IRC Pc. (Note: not all pc’s). If you wanna know where the exact location of the pc is, do email me or come and ask for it. I’m being a little bit selfish here. Another option is CBT room at block 14. The speed rather good and you can access any web site which can’t be surfed at ur room..

take a look at this sign *haih*

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