Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poster battle!

Poster battle! At this moment, each of Civil FYP students is extremely busy with poster’s design including me myself. The thing is actually simple to do if ones really know how the arrangement and the procedure to follow. There are quite a number of software to be used such as Macromedia Fireworks and adobe Photoshop (which require some skills), Microsoft PowerPoint and last but not least Microsoft Publisher. Among those software’s, the core item that contribute high percentage of success is the inspiration and the design concept to draft the poster. Arrrghh… I am facing it right know. In reality, I don’t have the idea to do it. What is the color to be chosen and which kind of the arrangement to apply on. I’ve Google (even though the connection suck!) the design concept but the design is excessively fancy and not showing formal and professional poster. The last option, I have tried the Microsoft PowerPoint powerful slide which is not very bad and the most important, the software doesn’t use much ram processor compared to those image editor. Thanks God! At last I have the layout in my mind. You wanna see it? Wait until I’ve done it completely.

homesick already~

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