Thursday, April 10, 2008

Local Tv series

Currently I have been watching TV too much. Well maybe it’s final semester already. Here I’ve listed out the name of the series on the TV, mostly TV3 and, my pc got tv card so it’s easy for me to capture and record the program.

  • Mari Bertaranum – TV9
  • BUletin UTAMA - TV3
  • Liontin 2 – TV3
  • Bella – TV3
  • Cinderela – TV2/1
  • MHI – TV3
  • Martha Stewart – NTV7
  • Nasyid - TV9
  • Kawin Muda ( magrib time~haih)- TV1/1
  • Aku BUkan UntukMU - TV2/1
  • Keluarga - TV9
and there are many more..mostly during advertisment, keep changing the channel.wondering how about if i got astro~

here are some pics captured from the program..enjoy it!
ABPH 2007
Berita RTM - this is for Yon's

nasyid @ TV9

Love this!!! Cinderela


  1. vOte for kawin muda yeahh!! TQ for the Dr. SMS pic hehe

  2. Please please.. Aku Bukan Untukmu gimana sih endingnya.

    Galang nikah sama Lala atau gak ya?? Please deh.. email ke aku

  3. dear s_aidillah,
    ak pon masik menunggu jwpan yg sama dari nenek ku di kampung.hnya die yg update cite2 nih..skng dh ade awek baru gnti lala...xtau ape citer sbnryne


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