Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eventually wireless is not useless anymore~

Eventually, I got the wireless connection at my room. The reason for getting very good signal maybe comes from the installation of extra receiver at one of the lamp pole not very far from my room. Thanks God! FYI, I’ve watched the confession of Suffiah at YouTube. The clip duration was very short and not fully shown the true of Suffiah. I really look forward someone might have chances to see her in the future for better explanation. We, as Malaysian keep on praying so that Allah will show her the right path. Not to forget, actually there are lots more of Suffiah’s clone, but low quality version in YouTube. Sad to state, the videos of those bitch and their boyfriends (sorry, little bit harsh) are home made video. The most important to think is they r IPT/IPTS students. What a shame! Paklah, Maklah and those who rule this country, please take action regarding this problem. As everybody know that Internal problem is very critical compare to external,at the same time preventing is more valuable than curing!I love and proud to be Malaysian!!!!

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