Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Evening Session with Rector

Today was a very great day for us as final semester student at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Wanna why? It is because we are having sharing session with UTP rector, Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Hj. Kasim at 3pm – 5pm. The session was supposedly ended about 4pm, due to personal Q&A session, the conversation ended at 5pm. He is very caring and down to earth person. Here are the lists of important element being touch by rector this evening. I’ll post the entry from now on as my personal report as stated by Datuk during the sharing session.
  1. Grooming – regarding shirt color to wear during interview session and working life. Datuk suggest to wearing white color shirt due to the ability of white color to match with other color. Another option is light blue. The reason why Datuk suggesting the color is to ensure that color doesn’t distract the interviewer and look neutral in formal occasion. Shirt and other type of cloth, Datuk suggest having more than one piece to ensure that someone doesn’t wear it continually without changing it, in other word; wear the same shirt and trouser for the next day. Also make sure that keep a comb in your pocket to make sure the hair is well combed at anytime.
  2. The other elements are healthy life, eating - don't use coconut milk; replace by milk, investment, writing report, ask question, hardworking but balance, treating parent with love, do not marry more than one, look after wife, ‘bohong sunat’ is acceptable in some occasion , don’t buy car in early work, invest ASB, don’t be selfish, learnt from hard way, don’t skip breakfast, less oil-use olive oil, enjoying ur job, enough sleep, positive mind set, be nice, attend all talk and write report, lesson learnt, never ask for promotion, look after maid very well, always pray to God – every night, pray a lot, recite al-Quran, salary – don too choosy selecting the job, be entrepreneur, move around in each job – job rotation, presentable, medical check up as well as visiting the dentist once in 6 month, joint alumni – to contribute for others, must have hobby, attend important task first – don’t do thing at last minute as we don’t know what is going to happen in the next minute, be a teacher, remember what UTP has done to you from 1st time entering in this university and small problem is normal thing.

There are lots more discussion with Datuk after the formal session. Each of us are – Nazmi, Muhyi, Radzi, Firo, Niema, Fath and me were very fortunate to be with Datuk for about 1 hour during personal Q&A session which is the thing that Datuk have missed to mention in the previous session. I’ll update the discussion later on. Enjoy the pictures attached with this post.

Find me?
Radzi,me, Datuk Dr.Zainal, Firo and PemNazmi and Datuk Dr. Zainal - Pedagogy problem

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