Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goggle MIA

Dear readers,

I lost my goggle(close-fitting glasses with side shields, for protecting the eyes from glare, dust, water, etc.) again!!!. How dat happen? In point of fact I don’t really discern how it is happened. I’ve just realize it on Monday during searching for it before going to swim. Shyte, this was the second goggle for the whole semester in UTP. The previous goggle was missing in action in the bathroom near the pool. My mistake actually cos left it there unintentionally. Then I bought new one (I asked yon to buy it last time), light blue in color. The water inside the pool will look crystal clear when wearing goggle. Sometimes the water condition was very bad due to infrequent service by the pool’s's help to protect my eyes from irritation and getting itchy.Once, I have experienced the worst condition of the water inside the swimming pool. Dark green in colour!!! Well, due to craving for swimming and very addicted to it too much, I just put myself in the pool without concerning how bad the condition of the pool. again, the goggle protect my precious eyes. After that, I’ve to ensure that I rubbed myself with protect/dettol’s foam to eliminate the germs. For time being, after realized that I don’t have much time left in utp (2 month left), I have to ensure that my leisure time will be occupied with swimming activity. I’m gonna miss it soo much.

When talk about swimming, I have something to share here, regarding one of the junior that swim at the pool. He is very excellent in swimming. The way he swim and turning inside the water was really grea8. Before and after swimming, he will do stretching to warm up and warm down. From that, it's clearly proven that he's attending the swimming class.No wonder he's great with those swimming techniques. I am so envy!!! He just a junior, but I am the senior. Supposedly I am much better than him (paradox way). I don’t know his name and batch yet. Due to high in egotism, even though we bumped into each other at the pool rather frequent, still I don’t say a word. Well, I am Jaguh Kampung, he is REAL JAGUH. Maybe after this, I’ll try to get to know him and exploit the skills that he has. Here, I’d like to make a request to my batch May 2003, “let’s rock the pool!

Happy birthday to Zura Peney~

missing in action

previous goggle


  1. ala, goggle hilang plak! mcm mana nak turun swimming ni?

  2. tuh la psal.nak kne beli gak.dh xsampi sebulan lebey jek nih..jom trun malam swim weh...air suam dowh


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