Thursday, April 24, 2008

#V1 - Sweet memory

There are lots of activities to be remembering when we were at V1C. Mostly every evening, all of us will have a walk at Lembayung together. Definitely it was really great time together, hard and good time. Muhyi, Akkil, Nazmi, Arif, Farid, Ezmal, Hasmi, Bob and me walked from V1 to the front gate of UTP. Sometimes, we were going by riding Muhyi’s kancil (BEN). The scene was awesome with the fresh breezing wind. I still remember that time, I used to have a tiny, portable camera which I’ve bought it about RM 200 and that was very lucky to capture all those sweet moment together. FYI, Radzi was not in yet. By the time goes by he’ll appear in our group. Same with Alif, Niema, Nieja, Pija etc. Among other activities that we were doing together:

  1. Eating – breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper at mamak. ‘kepala keretapi’ will lead us to the USM cafĂ©. Wanna know who was used to be called with ‘kepala keretapi’?. hihihi
  2. Swimming – me, Farid, Ariff, Muhyi and Hasmi only. Nazmi scared of drowning even though we have persuaded him so many times, UTP's pool is not very deep.Kamon2x!
  3. Jogging – at lembayung
  4. Night surfing – normally more than 1 car involved. Nasriah and her friends, PEM and his friends and Muhyi’s friends (actually us) go dinner at outside sometimes near Lumut. That time, the timetable was not packed since we were still freshman.
  5. Outing together – going to Ipoh, going to Lumut and going to Rahmat’s store together
  6. Going to LIMA 2003 at Langkawi – me, Mustaqim, Akkil, Nazmi, Muhyi, Ariff, Hasmi and Ezmal. We were having such a great time together there. Thanks to Nazmi coz helps us to save our budget by not paying for the hostel rental( free of charge) . Hahah.. Thanks to Chandek Kura’s Manager.. Don’t remember the name =p

More and more to come.. huhu.. mostly our face was looked like very innocent and was very fresh with the small ammount of sins~ hehe

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