Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Shoulder To Cry On

Dear readers, here is one important thing to contemplate. Consider currently you are a person who destined to live with someone that you totally don’t acquaint with for the whole of your life. The situation is like having a roommate which is not having the same ‘habit’ or other word ‘ xsebulu or xsekepala’. Since this is my final semester in UTP, I am really glad to finish it will full of joy and contentment. How about if your roommate is totally a jerk? He/she doesn’t even think about other’s feeling at all. For e.g during praying time, he/she doesn’t slow down the music/games, don’t even light off when everyone is in the bed already and don’t even take care of each other belonging in term of safety precaution??? i'm pretty sure that one of you might have the experience when going to your friend's room where you might see one side of the room is totally in different condition compared to the other one. This is caused from lack of responsibility toward each other in cleaning the room. If both of the room occupant are on the same track, then it should be ok, if not, there will be a problem later on. Actually today was a much tensed day for one of my best friend. Lets just assumed it is over for him after he had already ‘blow out’ the highly pressure from deep of his heart. It’s good for him coz letting it out and prevent it become worst at the end of the day. Dear friend, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. Just count on me. With God’s will, everything will be fine.

Life is full of lots of up and downs,
But the distance feels further,
When its headed for the ground,
And there’s nothing more painful,
Then to let your feelings take You down.

And when you need,
A shoulder to cry on,
When you need,
A friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You wont be alone,
I’ll be there,
I’ll be your shoulder to cry on,
I’ll be there,
I’ll be your friend to rely on,
When the whole worlds gone,
You wont be alone cause Ill be there.

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