Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bengong of the Date

this is so not true. actually the last post was posted by me on the 1st of April around 12.30am, but the date is still 31 of March. i've just realized it last nite. i was very unpleasant and affect the date of the posting which is sometimes related to the birtday wishes, anniversary, April fool and many more. actually, the same problem also occurred with my 6288 nokia. same problem also happened to my friend which having different date with the exact date. the setting?? i've already checked it twice to ensure that i'm at the correct location from GMT.rite now, i've just sit and relaxed. so, guys whenever you read my post, make sure you don't really bother the time and date of posting. huhu... =[


  1. sbb date akan appear ikut server's setting date (or the system's date) I guess. mcm fster jgk. ko comment hr ni. tp appear date smlm. dats y kalo aku wish birthday aku wish lewat sehari :) same mcm kalo ko dpt sms. mebi ko x perasan, ade sms ko ko dpt time die lwt dr jam hs ko. sbb die set ikut sender's punye time. kalo die set date hs die thn 2020 pn, nnti ko dpt sms yg b'tarikh 2020 la. arasso pitya?? huhu


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