Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goggle + FESCO

Dear readers, I have very good news here to announce. actually I’ve already found my swimming goggle!!!!. It was really funny when flashed back on how I accidentally found it together my shirt hodgepodge in my wardrobe. Previously I’ve been searching through it, but I’ve failed to find it. Last night, during tidy up my room and keeping my shirt in the wardrobe, the goggle suddenly appear in front of my eyes among those shirt hodgepodge. Only God knows how my feeling at that moment. After this, I don’t have to borrow it from anyone else. Almost one and half month left to me to enjoy the lifestyle in lovely UTP.

Last nite, all of us [me, yie, farid, nieja & niema] were having such a happy time at FESCO event held at Chancellor Hall of UTP. The event was participated from 14 IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia which are UUM,UitM Shah Alam, UiTM Seri Iskandar,MMU,Kolej Taj, Studio 51 and many more. The theme for the night was traditional music which resembles ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’. With the participation from different universities, the event was successfully organized. It was really fascinating and mesmerizing when the audience was served with lively dance along with traditional music such as ‘ethnic creative’ by Siti Nurhaliza and Nuraniza Idris’.

Not to forget, out beloved rector, Dr.Zainal was invited to the stage by the host to dance together with the dancers. At that moment, all the audience mostly UTPian was amazed and shout out their voice to give support to the rector. He was very sporting and not bad at all. All of us were laughing with joy to see the performance of the night while living out life to the fullest in this lovely UTP. After the event, nazmi and his friend, adam invited us to have our supper at the outside. Arrived at my room almost 1.30am in the morning and start search and play those ethnic creative songs to flash back to moment at Chancellor Hall. There is no picture cos I don’t bring my camera together. How bad!!!

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