Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hectic week~

i was very eager and concern to write the blog, but the connection was really sucks!!! nothing to express here rather than critics and add up sin for saying some bad words. juat wanna share with you guys, can u see the pic below? thanks to paksu and Dr Nasiman for showing us the location of free mineral water. the water that comes out from the well head was come from RM100k of well drilling cost. the director of the drilling company at that moment was my SV. the water was really cool and refreshing. i still keep it in a bottle at my room. the well actually penetrate the big mass of granite rock which fulfill the specification of mineral water production standard. water from the inside rock!! rock yeah~ haha.. wanna know the location?? come and see me in my room or just give me a call. fyi, we was on the way to take my fyp sample at one of the famous place in malaysia.. that was the hint~ k got to go.

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