Monday, June 16, 2008

Review of


Just wanna share this so called 'youtube' style It's Malaysian made website. The upload and download speed is kinda great. Actually, this website is still new and fresh. So, whoever that have good stuff to share, do help yourself. I like the Green color of the background. I love green!!! haha But that is not the main concern, the stuffs is quite great. no porn. Tak elok cerita jek, ape lagik. Moh le kite tengok!

P/s: Happy Birthday to Nina Yazuka and Faerah


  1. youtube mmg dh menjadi laman web yg paling byk traffic sejak dari dulu. mmg susah nk lawan. but its ok for a change, sometimes :D

  2. tp2, sket2 kite lawan traffic tuh

  3. kena buat sesuatu yg berbeza kalau nak maju dalam benda tu..:) website camtu paling penting speed dan bandwidth..:)

  4. :)
    thanx for the wish
    selamat menempuh alam orang tua dah grad..

  5. look like. may commented on my site. Yes, bandwidth is the most cost to me now. I need to buy new server cost RM1500 to cater the usage. Hope you all rajin2 la klik my adsense at the site. Can get so money ;)

  6. thnx 4 d wish!!arini br aku leh view blog ko haha..pc aku dok lag je keje.da weng tu hakhak..byk tol keje ko cuti ni eh..bgs2 huhu

  7. leh donlod blue tak kat situ? ;p


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