Friday, June 13, 2008

Celcom Broadband #2

Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband,Celcom Broadband!!!

Nie je keje aku hari2 hapdet pasal Celcom Broadband.huhu. *dush* Memang ler connection die stabil and very the laju. Tip top. Btw, aku dah selamat subscribed Celcom Broadband petang tadi kt Celcom Center tepi Central Square SP. Thanks promoter yang bernama Kak Ane (sangat baik and soft spoken) She's really helpful! .hehe..Thanks to me coz I bought that package (D68) under her name~ lol~

As far as I am concerned, the connection supposed to be slow or can't even get connected to the Celcom Broadband from 8pm -2am till 30th June; but here I am. Proudly announced that I am using it right now with the connection speed HSDPA 7.2Mbps. Btw,Tikam Batu area doesn't support 7.2Mbps yet [Celcom only serve 3.6Mbps], it's only 384Kbps for download speed and 128 Kbps for upload speed. It is much2 more better when compared with UTP connection for both LAN (Local Area Network) and TM Net Hotspot.
Fyi, I've downloaded 1 movie from with less than 1hour(in the evening).

Take a look at the pictures below; It's proven here that the connection is super great and importantly make me feel happy. Well, sape2 yang nak beli modem macam aku nyer(bukan dari Celcom tau), sile contact no brother nih Mr. Aznan Aziz (+6012 355 2907) and jangan lupe mention nama aku kat die eh supaya die tahu aku yang recommend kan. Thanks

The end!

P/s: Happy Birthday to my adopted Brother at Kg Dura - Abang Nomi

Cube korang tgk transfer rate
Lagik satu nih... klik kasi besar yea
4 in 1 view~
Nie ler modem tuh SP ooiii


  1. waah..best2. nanti nak celcom broadband juge :)

    kat utp celcom broadband menjadi x?

  2. btw, Harith mmg dah lama pkai.ikot die ler nih.kt UTP dpt Celcom n fren pakai Maxis kt UTP..Rm138/ ada contract..huhu..better celcom..wider coverage (hehe jd promoter lak)*dush* hehe..ape lagik subscribe ler~

  3. pitya ni degil orangnye. aku da ckp jgn beli modem ni..ntah ape la die suke sgt asyik nk on9 je 24jam kt umah tu. duit yg accountant ko pegang tggl rm430 je tau =D cane la nk start keje nnti..huhu. sewa umah 2+1. mau telan 400 gak tuh. x msk tambang nk g keje..utilities..makan..opss!! keje aku ahaks~! tny harith bobe itu ape =P

  4. duit yg accountant ko pegang tggl rm430 je tau =D hihi...bnyk la tuh~

    nnti bley wat loan lagik orng tuh...


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