Sunday, June 8, 2008

Recent activities in UTP

It’s just one more week left for me before I am going back home. Soo sad~ it’s truly melancholic. It has been 5 years in this lovely UTP since 2003. Yeah, May 2003 Intake. Actually it was a hard decision to make at that moment whether to stay in KMPP or proceed to UTP. By luck, I was just trying the dial up internet connection at home. The advertisement of UTP came out in newspaper that morning with two options whether using the hard copy form or online application. I opted the second one.Then, I started fill up the form and at the same time asking my mom (she was in the kitchen) all the details about my parent and siblings. I was keep asking her for the information like i/c no, birthday, family income etc while at the same time key in the data. I didn’t even write down anything as my reference. Poor me~ luckily I can print out the completed form at the end.

Enough about that coz I am not really remember every detail pertaining that. Btw, let’s just recap recent activities carry out last week. Ezmal and Muhyi has gone back yesterday. Tomorow, Radzi will leave us (me and my roomate). Why I am staying here??? coz I love UTP so much~ Btw, the wifi connection is super duper fast!!! (main reason to stay here for couple more days)

1) UTP walk from V4 to swimming pool with Ezmal

Ezmal was the one insist to go swim in the morning and at the same time taking some pictures. We walked from my apartment via main route in UTP headed toward swimming pool. After that, we jus t walked back to V4 by passing through Main Hall, V1, V2, and finally V4. On the way back, we keep flashed back the activities that all of us has gone through all this time since special semester until final semester of undergraduate study. Such a lovely and sweet moment together~

2) Swimming

We arrived slightly early at the pool and the pool guard stops us from swimming coz he just put some chlorine inside the pool for cleaning purposes. We waited about 10 minutes and started taking some pictures (main objective actually~). After a while, we stared swimming and taking some more pictures inside the pool. hoho..

3) Fish Watch

After swimming and took some pictures, I invited Ezmal to Fish Watch near UTP mosque. This was really amazing coz we can watch and even feed the fish while watching it swims freely from above. Please look at the pictures below. I’ve read an articles and it said watching the fish swims will reduce the stress and create a balance hormone in your body. Thus it will make you feel calm and relax. Well, you guys should try it

To be continue…

Coming soon --> cooking lunch and dinner with housemate~

Where to go??Me and Ezmal in the poolI'll miss this pool & the rest of swimmers *dush*I am the winner!!!One gold medal SUKMA for UTP; hehFeeding the fishLook at the fish!! actually, it's bigger than you see. Trust me~

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