Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awang Si Monyet Kecil

This is Awang. I don't know why they( my brothers) call him Awang. He's good monkey actually. When someone rub his back and his head, he'll definitely will lay back and let the person do Thai massage on the back of his neck. The most interesting thing about Awang is he'll just eat whatever rations in front of him including 'telur ayam kampung mentah'. Hell ya! My brother used to tie him on the 2nd floor of my grandma's house. That portion of the house is separated from the main portion after renovation last year. Then, the place become so called sanctuary to the Ayam Kampung for laying their eggs. Suddenly, Awang came in and destroy the eggs. hihi

Actually his right hand is injured. From the story I heard from my brother, the owner of Awang tried to put him back in the forest where the original place he was taken from. Unluckily, the existing monkeys inside the forest tried to hurt him. It was very very bad. I don't have the picture of his right hand where the skin was tear off and showed the skeleton. It is white in color!. Pity him. Then the owner ( Kak Miah if I am not mistaken) gave him away to one of my brother's friend and end up in possession of my brother. Funny thing is he'll run and try to avoid the person who bring an ointment to be rubbed on the injured skin in order to accelerate the healing process. He'll climb up the three and make a weirdo smile~

This evening, while playing with Awang, I was wondering how long he's gonna stay here and is there is possibility that one time he'll become Wild Monkey. Right now, if he bite; it doesn't have any upshot coz he doesn't have any sharp teeth @ taring yet. Soon he'll gonna have ones.


  1. awang oh awang. i always feel that animal shouldn't be caged or chained, but if releasing them is not a good choice either, what else can we do.

    in my house, there's a bird that don't want to be freed. it keeps coming back after being released.i think the bird couldn't survive on his own since we feed it since it was very small.

    anyway, take good care of him. :)

  2. He must be tie, if not someone will knock him down...

    I used to have birds (Pigeon, Gembala Kerbau & Merbah). It was really cool coz they actually recognize their owner...

    I couldn't say anything; that is my younger brother responsibility if I am not available at home anymore

  3. eh, sebiji mcm ko pitya! hahaha~ :P

  4. cet...apa ra... tuh teori darwin laa

  5. kem salam kat awang. ehehehehe

  6. awang kim salam balik dengn titipan berikot..

    'xkan kirim salam jek Ad3ck,kekacang, jajan, keropok n pringles xkirim skali ke??'


  7. org ckp..bdk2 slalu akan ikut muka cam nannynye. aku xtau la beruk pn camtu ke x. adekah ko nannynye si beruk ini ;) jg2 sket pitya ahaha =P


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