Thursday, June 26, 2008


Are you scared of cockroach? Let’s me brief you some info about cockroach. Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world [used to live peacefully at my home]. Pest species of cockroaches adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. Many tropical species prefer even warmer environments and do not fare well in the average household. Cockroaches leave chemical trails in their feces as well as emitting airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. Other cockroaches will follow these trails to discover sources of food and water, and also discover where other cockroaches are hiding [this is the reason why they used to gather underneath the kitchen together .Thus, cockroaches can exhibit emergent behavior, in which group or swarm behavior emerges from a simple set of individual interactions.

Ok, done reading that. The main info that I’d like to share with everybody is how to kill and ensure that cockroaches doesn’t disturb your life forever; I guess. Last 2 weeks, I went to Night Market behind Shell Tikam Batu to look for bait station to kill these creatures. Well, my mom used to put Pandan leaves as cockroaches repellent in my house. E.g inside cupboard, underneath the kitchen, under the bed, and in my dad’s car. It’s proven to be a successful method to kick-out-em from the hidden places. But, after 2-3 weeks, the fresh-pandan-smell will slowly vanish thus the cockroaches will come back start their party!

Right now, I could say that every night, I’ll see one or two cockroaches will comes out from their hidden place and slowly die. The popular place for them to rest in peace is at bathroom. The reason for this ‘mati beramai’ was because of the latest pest control that I’ve used last 2 weeks. I don’t know what people call it, but it is not toxic to human being. I bought it for about MRY 3 from Night Market and together with sprayer. As being briefed by the seller, all I need to do is just mixed the half bottle of the liquid with full water of sprayer and start spray all around the place. I still remember that time; my father was cooking in the kitchen, while all the cockroaches came out from their place after being sprayed. It was fantastic and unbelievable! I just worried that one or two or maybe more than that will accidentally fall inside the frying pan and become our family dinner. Luckily none of them become the victim of barbecue.

I was holding a broom and started to play cockroach-tennis and cockroach-golf to ensure all the cockroach is kick-out from my house. Until now, only one or two of it appear during the night.. Thanks to me for bought that stuff. Once again, I am not really sure regarding the ingredients of the toxic, but it kinda cool when it touches your skin. It is kind of Menthol I think.


Those Cicaks, please inform your King that I am going to eliminate your sons of bi*** from my house.


  1. ur command of english is poor, makes your blog hard to understand,just stick with malay pls

  2. Whoa. Flamer.

    Well, m'dear mr/ms anonymous - while your comment is brutally honest, I have to disagree with your suggestion. Or a command, perhaps? Hopefully it's the previous one. After all, a same line might have a different meaning based on how you read it.

    Practice makes perfect.

    We all sure did at least once in our life came across that magical words. And hence the reason why I'm ought to not second your suggestion by all means.

    It's true that this isn't my blog for me to feel outright flamed by such criticism. But I adore words. And especially those trying to see the beauty of this marvelous wonder of the world.

    So to my dear friend pitya, I'd love to see you continue your effort to write in English. Come what may, you'll be better at it if only you keep up your work. It's not like such ability would fall on your lap just as you wish.

    Despite whatever had been said at the above, its not THAT hard to understand your posts. And I believe that you had slipped in enough of yourself between your words. Because they are just exactly how you'd be saying if you're to tell us in your own voice.


    Kerana flamer, lari tujuan asal aku nak posting nih. Anyway, aku nk ckp kate klakar ko nye post lipas neh. Sebab aku tau sangat la bile kes2 sebegini wujud di rumah. CUbe ko try kat tikus tgk (klu ade la) sebab mak aku penah menamatkan riwayat seekor tikus yang malang dgn spray lipas. Which is lepas tikus tu dah kna kurung bawah baldi la. Spray2 pastu tutup blk. Konfem mati.


  3. anonymous aka annoying whatsoever,FYI i don't mind reading it in English or Malay. do you expect everyone to be so perfect like you?

    In fact, your very comment was written wrongly. For the next time, please write in about that?

    Okay, back to the topic. I'm not scared of cockroaches at all. yay..~

  4. LOL. Moroka is right. I'm tempted to say that person is non-existent apart from posting random comments for unlucky bloggers. Tsk tsk.

    Oh aku pon tak takut gak lipas. Tapi menyampah gile klu yang jenis terbang2 tuh

  5. hey anonymous, at least he tried writing in english, and i think it's readable and understandable.

    ala, anonymous dengki la tu.. takpe pitya, tulis je in english.

    anyways, macam best je solution pest control tu. memang untuk lipas je ke? or for all pest? nak jugak! rumah aku banyak lipas woo.

  6. To

    well, thanks for ur precious comment. Really appreciate it. Please refer to my 1st post of this blog and take a look at my objectives of blogging. Thank you.

    theQueen & Moroka aka Rosli
    Thanks for the support.Tanpa korang, sapelah aku. hihi..mcm artis pon ade even bengkek sket..haha..kontrol2..aku mmg xsuke bler lipas tuh tetibe muncul n berterbangan..even kembar aku pon larikk...hihi

    pasal tikus..aku pnh gne gam jek..tabur isi ikan kering tgh2 papan sebab tikus2 dh pnh tgk ratatolie ape ntah...derang dah jadik pandai~ so skng dh ssh nk kene..yg kene pon ibunye saje...

    nnti aku post picture tikus tuh...ahaks..ade jek..nk kene drill dlm folder picture aku yg dah 20gig nih..

    korang seyes xtakot lipas ke? bukan takot, tp geli geleman~

    Jazlin Ernida
    Thanks to you too Adik Jazlin..chewaahhh..
    hihi...liquid tuh kaler putih n kecik je botol die..selasa depan i'll try to ask the seller...if u want to try, i'll post it to you..

    tp Ya Allah, mmg berterbangan larikk mse kene sembur tuh..sejuk kot..abes bwh meje sumer kuar...mmg xsempat amik gmbo..btw, ade lg separuh, mebe lpas nih bley wat kt umh tok plak~

    P/S: post n comment yg paling HOT~ hihi

  7. ala BM ke BI akak layan jerk..
    pasal lipas? ermm xtakut lah cuma geli bila terjumpa dlm makanan..pernah sekali terkena..sib baekk x kunyah..eiii..buat cerita pasal pepatung..akak suka sgt..hehehe

  8. ahaha...pitya ko beli pest control tu MYR3(currency ni mmg wujud) ke MRY3(currency baru ke)?ahaahah..pape pon aku th ko la la..aku xde la takt lipas tp aku geli la lipas tu lari laju pastu diorg ade sengat..kawan aku penah kene giget dgn lipas..

    ni sket pandangan aku ttg tulis blog2 ni..klau aku jd ko kan mmg aku down la dgn comment cik anonymous tuh..but take it as motivational comment k..

    aku rs x salah klau ko tulis dlm BI ke BM ni blog kte so ske suki kte la nk tulis ape and how we want to write it kan..sbb kte tulis dlm english tu pon utk tgk leh ke x kte nk sampaikan msg kte melalui bahasa yg kte th..

    to mr/ms juge ingin mngucapkan thx sbb honest coment jgn la setakat point org ade salah klau x come out dgn solution(e.g. tlg highlight kan kat mn2 yg salah so that pitya could improve his english)

    "stop complaining if you dont wanna help to solve it"

  9. to Anonymous: (on behalf of my friend and other bloggers)

    please make sure to do more practice in criticizing others and make sure to reflect yourself before doing so. If not your critics will be countering you back. Like this ONE. I am totally >100% agreed with my best buddy. L.O.L.

    Please make up your mind. Learn more. It does not matter to type in Bahasa or in English as long as people who read it understand and if not, ignore it.

    I'm very disappointed with people like this Anonymous, if you are brave enough use your real name. Do not use Anonymous. As another friend of mine says: "ngomz"..

    Walk the talk la bro/sis. See. So hard to identify these Anonymous person. Is it really a man or the opposite. Hopefully not the middle one. L.O.L.

    Perghh, too long already, may be I just stop here. He he he. Last sentence for Anonymous: You sucks!!!

  10. Nice one best buddy..i wanna spill that words out too, thanks for doing it on behalf of me. mwahaha :)

    to pitya and the rest of the bloggers, keep up the great work. English, Malay, or Manglish it doesn't matter as long as we are happy. Yay..~

  11. anonymous bacul! takde telur ke? if u really have the balls, show your identity la, bullshit~

    jangan down pitya. couldn't agree more with TheQueen, practice makes perfect.

    I wanna add something. "Learning is a continuous process that will never end." As time goes by, i'm sure u will improve, pitya.

    if you are not sure about your english, ask your friends. we are always here to help. (ala, english aku pun sampah gak. lol)

    alamak, ini sudah terkeluar tajuk. haha!

    SAYA BENCI LIPAS! Tapi wujudnya lipas itu maknanya bilik aku bersepah~ Hahahaha.. :P

    p/s: pitya, post ni hot sbb anonymous pengecut tu. bukan sbb lipas kot. LOL

  12. ha ha ha..radzi..saya setuju lagu Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita bukan utk awak..ha ha ha..(tergelak2 aku bc komen radzi) anynomous..are u a coward..?just wanna know..jgn baling batu sorok tangan kat blkg plak..

    sila lah membantu sahabat2 kte dgn constructive comments..

    or else u envy pitya's blog..or..u have something against him(if u know him)..which could be the possibilities?

  13. To Kak Suhada:
    Thanks for ur support.hihi..nseb baik akak xmakan kan? sy pernah terkena ada bugs dlm nasi goreng kampung mse kuar mkn ngn dak2 nih time join convofair..trus banned kedai tuh..insyaAllah; i'll post dragonfly later coz i've captured the picture of it during internship.

    To Cydee aka CikFadhilah:
    Tengs to u too for the support.well, MYR tuh stand for MalaYsia Ringgit..kalo ko bkk website airasia, ade die tulis camtuh..hehe. regarding the comment, i was down for the whole day actually. But, after reading the supportive comments from my precious friends, I am OK~ fully recovered.. SPECIAL TQ to everyone!!!

    To Orchid & Pastry aka Harith
    Tengs gak~ jangan salahkan anonymous tuh 100% gak.. i admit my mistakes..notethe capital s.haha..

    To Moroka aka Rosli
    ekau pon nk kuarkan perkataan tuh jugak...hoho..better don't coz u r not that type of person..harith, i noe him for quite a long time...hahah..mmg sengal...hihu..harith jgn marah~ nnti calon bini larikkk..

    To [Yeop] aka Radzi
    Thanks gak kt ekau nih...Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita fit ngn ko..lagu Colbie Calat tuh seswai...aah practice ko better sket dr aku *LOL*

    Bile ade lipas tuh xsemestinya bersepah..mmg die suke tmpat2 tersembunyi..n bila malam menjelma, die akan kuar buat party ala2 Rum Jungle..hoho.. lipas ada dimana2..btw, tq gak kt annonymous sb fofularkan blog aku..muhahaha

  14. bukan [Yeop], but [YeOp].

    Y & O are capital letters. Hahaha! :P

  15. kita kan orang malaysie ckp la dalam bahasa malaysie...

    baca NST la pitya.. he2..

    To anonymous..

    Want to write bold comment like that please attach name or contact. At least give us what is your blog address or good English blog if you still want to remain secret. So, we all can see and learn on how to blog in English as good as you said.

    Pointing out what is wrong by showing what is good or better. So we can improve.

    Visit Dont visit


  16. To [YeOp]:
    okay...particular sungguh.

    to fyroo
    dont visit utube, visit

    haha...promote nmpk~ well, thanks for ur support ek cik firo..hopefully xde annonymous lpas least taruk nama n contact or blog kan..wat reference~ hihi


  17. lor mmg plik aa incik anonymous tu..aku ase cm nk mnyepak je die bgs2 amerika tu pn lom tntu lg btol grammar die leh lk die nk bg komen gtu..watever it is blogs is for freedom 2 talk so ckp la pape nk tp pitya ko xyah amek port pn komen2 yg xpnting tu..die jeles le tu blog die x hit cm ko wahaha..perfect sgt gamakny kn sape nk g tgk hahaha

    okeh bblk pd post ko..jadahny ko post psl lipas!!siap gmbo lk tu geli gle!!!!aku mmg xkn gne aa mnde tu klu br spray die klua bramai2 mau mati aku dok jerit sne sni hahaha

  18. hihi...hye nina...npe le pc ko tuh...burn je le..burn movie2 tuh smer..jgn ko bkar pc lak..dah ler lcd ko terbakar~ ngeh ngeh...

    tpe la, orang tuh berhak komen kt page aku nih..i'll accept that as my challenge to improve my english~ wahhh

    lipas...aku paling xske kalo die terbang...n tertibe muncul di kala aku tgh surfing di mlm hari...tetibe je berlari2 kt bwh kerusi aku...haha tuh mmg akan sure kene ngn aku...gmbo tuh real punya..aku capture lpas die pening2

    aku bley bayangkan korang satu geng menjerit2.. lg stu, ko dah check amar nye fotopages..sngt cun gmbo korang..mcm overc nye location..walhal UTP~

  19. Tsk Tsk.. I am not sure what should I say the first time I read anonymous's comment. I have several international bloggers who can't even construct a full sentence correctly, but I never told them that their English is not as good as mine. You know, actually, there is not a problem if our English isn't good as some (read:that freakin' anonymous), because English isn't our mother tongue language.

    At least, writing post in English showed that we have made efforts to learn English. If you're not good at something, we should improve right? Not just back to old place over and over again.

    Dah ar tak berani nak tulis nama. Ish2.. Marah plak aku rase. Terpakse rujuk balik Anger Management post aku tuh. hehehe

    Weh, halau lipas bley pakai daun pandan heh? Wah... Pes time dengar.. Alah, g kedai ubat cine, beli jek racun tikus/lipas/semut. Smua ade. Berkesan tapi bahaye sket ar. Takut haiwan lain yang termakan ubat tuh(cth: kucing peliharaan)

  20. To: bluecrystaldude

    thanks for ur supportive comment..really appreciate it very much. Hopefully, the Anonymous will see it clearly and feel satisfied with the comment..

    btw, u've provide clear evidence to me n the rest of commentors.. thanks..

    i'm going to improve it from time to time.... tq

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