Monday, June 9, 2008


As stated in the previous post, here is the post pertaining cooking activity in UTP. Look at the pictures below carefully, it was all the food prepared by me and housemate. hihi.. Actually, I am the one cooked it. The rest just jadik tukang rasa tak bertauliah. The important thing that I’d like to stress here is the usage of monosodium glutamate a.k.a Ajinomoto. I hate to use this kind of seasoning stuff. It makes the food taste good but in other way around the taste is not original ok! Repeat please, not ORIGINAL. Besides, all the food that I’ve cooked before was not using any MSG in order to keep the taste in original state. Even though when I cooked MagGi mee, definitely I won’t use all the seasoning and just use a little bit and vary the recipes using union, chili, belacan, salt and sugar. This is real taste!

Fyi, after consumed food that contains lotsa ajinomoto (cafĂ© or outside food) absolutely I’ll feel dizzy and damn sleepy. Sometimes I am going to puke. In conclusion, I’d rather say cook my own food will make me feel better and healthier. Isn’t that true rumie??? Today was my rumie’s task to cook lunch and dinner. I’ll update that soon. I am sleepy enough after playing nearly 1 ½ hour futsal with the rest of Najib’s friends at tennis court. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my lovely camera to take some pictures…

Nasi Goreng Sayur Cameron #1
Nasi Goreng Sayur Cameron #2
Ikan Kering Masak Asam
Telur Dadar (wajib ade)
This is special; Daging Masak Sayur

Yang tak sempat update kat sini Cucur Ikan Bilis Cili Kering (Radzi's faveret), Bihun Goreng, Sphagetti (bersama Ezmal), Pek Nga(bersama Nazmi), Roti Bakar Kopitiam and Daging Masak Kurma (masakan Farid)

P/s: Happy birthday to Haneysa Abu Hassan


  1. perghhh...
    jgn lar tunjuk gambar jer
    tunjuk lar resepi skali...
    baru lar sharing information

  2. huhu..sabar2 ye,tgh compile recipes..tuh baru nk warm up

    kasi taruk jeles n terliur sket


  3. terliur plak ku tgk telur goreng tuh pepagi neh ehehehe.

  4. wow it all look marvelously delicious esp the nasi goreng sayur cameron#2.

  5. errr... cucur ikan bilis is my favourite?

  6. hmm...kokan suke cucur bilis pedas yag aku wat radzi kan??

  7. waa pandainya kena berguru ngan afiz ...leh kan kan kan

  8. bley je... hmm byaran dlm usd eh, or euro pon ok gak..kalo pound sterling lagik bagus..same je amount nye untuk setiap recipe USD/Pound/Euro 2.99 jek~

    kayo den~


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