Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Year Associates cont’

Due to some comment regarding final year associates posting, I’d like to further explain about my lab mate. Azhar aka Pem is working on sand + rha addition for his fyp. Until now, he’s still doing the compaction and extruding the samples [sand sample are fragile and easily rupture] in the lab with the rest of the other members, Noreta, Yusra and Effa. What’s more? Nowadays Azhar’s behavior is rather bothersome. Well, the rest of us almost completely had done the compaction part. Hik hikss. Only Judin and he are still doing it right now. Therefore, he will try to drag our attention toward the mistake that we have done during the previous tests. “Pitya, you have to do it again, from the journal”. Then he repetitively said that over and over again while doing his work. All of us just smile and laughing in the midst of his manners. “Pitya, you have to go to Cameron to take the sample again!”Yeah, I agree, in the lab there is no entertainment at all. The only thing we have is to hear the mumbling of each of us and not to forget, cursing each others. haha..Come on Azhar, u can do it!!! Hopefully after this, our relationship among lab mate will be lasting forever and ever. Here are some pictures taken in the lab. Enjoy it!

p/s: Pem asked me to put lots of his pic.xoxo
noreta and pem

pem was extruding the sample
judin and noreta

pem again..[treat me lunch =p]

safety enuf??? just acting.tina, dont worry ya~well, both of us are great actors


  1. oit. ni apa main2 dlm lab ni? xde kerja ke? hahaha~ :P

  2. haha...tuh la kelebihan dak cve...sgt sporting but, safety 1st!!!!


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