Sunday, March 30, 2008

In the pool at last~

At last, I managed to put my whole body under the water at UTP pool after craving for it almost one week. However, I was entering the pool illegally by climb over the fence. At first, the pool gate was left opened when I just came back from Mirza’s wedding about 3pm. In the evening, the gate already locked down. What the heck. What’s more important that happen to me was this morning. With full of energy and anticipating spirit, I woke up early in the morning to start my day with swimming activity. When I arrived at the pool, there was one student or maybe staff that waiting at the gate. I though he was the person that looked after the pool at first. But he wasn’t. He was a person in charge for staff activity. Then, with full of hope and concern I said “Can I swim for 5 minutes only???” he answered “No, you can’t!” With arrogant look and he just step back into the pool area. Wtf!!!! At that moment, I just started my motorcycle and headed toward V1 cafĂ© with fire burning inside my body to take my breakfast. Sorry for being harsh dude. At the end, after yearn for swimming almost one week, I was able to swim illegally. Don’t report to pak guard eh~

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