Thursday, March 20, 2008


yeah, i've created another blog.actually, i already had 2 blog which is (nice pic ) and (still new and complicated setting). so, this blog might be the most active blog (depend on the connection speed of UTP). as far as i'm concern, i'll definitely utilize all the space given for me in blogging world to write anything that comes across my mind. i dont really mind whoever read or critique my writting. this is my platform to polish my writing and mebe applying the new word of the day. basically, i'll write my tasks of the day that have been completed or the next day task that will be executed.what else, this is my final year in UTP, so i'll be leaving UTP soon and before the journey come to its end, i'll write every single things that happen to me and what else that i should write to ensure this blog will be read by me meybe in the next few years. today is our beloved prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW birthday, so lets recite as many as we can the prayer and Selawat upon Him.

this is the main tasks that should be completed in a short time :
  • final year project - progress report 2
  • unconfined compression test of remoulded sample for 3days and 7 days curing
  • drilling and production test 1
  • operation construction management test 1
  • islamic knowledge class which i've been skip for 1week already
  • engineers in society lecture notes
  • thin section of rock
  • mineral analysis
  • interview momentum
  • more to think....gagaga
i think, enough for time being. it's already late, almost 3.04am in the morning~ for my consideration this is the pattern/outline of the post in this blog :
  1. font is trebuthcet, normal font size
  2. picture posting is in the center
  3. make it more alive
thats all folks! see you next time~

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