Saturday, March 29, 2008

Missing u soo much~

Ariff, how are you doin bro?? love doin ur job?hopefully ur answer is YES!!! aha, out house will be organizing Galaxy Dinner II. wanna join? for sure u're the one that we waiting so much. i'll hit u back with the info later k. well, since this week, i've been thinking of you. maybe its nearly half of the semester since u've graduated. sometimes i could feel that u r here in this UTP, but it was just my imagination. Sotong goreng tepung, param, pasar tani, jogging, movie @ ipoh, taman maju and many more that reflect ur existence here. there a lots more to describe rite? well, i just wanna express my feelings and to let u know that all of us are missing u so much. here are some pictures that keep our memory back. All the best in ur life and soon all of us will be leaving this undergraduate world and put ourselves in the real world. gambbate~


  1. ariff kena join. dia kena belanja kita sumer. dia dah kerja. dah ada gaji! dua riban lebih sebulan~ haha!

  2. alaa...die baru je keje..xsampi sebulan kalo nk banje, dialu2 kan..


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