Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Nite Fever

yerp, its holiday again, i mean friday i've got no class at all. but still hav to go to block 14 to proceed with my lovely fyp lab. it's time to execute the 3 days test of my sample from Igneous 2% 4% n 6% lime addition and Sedimentary 2% of lime addition. hopefully, i could complete it before the jumaat prayer.well, regarding this blog, someone might asking me why do hav so many blog??? heh, the answer is... ' this time around, i'll definitely will concentrate on this blog and the other blog which i could post the edited picture version. the blog at, maybe i just copy and paste the content. hehe..yon, this is dedicated to you cos u'll be the one might ask it, rite??

this very morning, i really love the scenic outside my window. it's really fascinating view with the water condensate at the sky just above the sky at v4 field. what a sentences??? haha.. i thnk i should end it here, i'd like to watch tv either MHI or What's on Breakfast@ NTV7( love to hear the argument of the hosts).

ok, got to go.anyone wanna taste my hot "tea O"? it is hand made.with a tablespoon of honey (madu tualang)..perghh..actually it's good for my health.well, this time around, i really have to take care of myself properly due to having extra workload on fyp. test...omg, drilling test. it's almost half of the semester but the test 1 is not executed yet. on this coming Monday, 5.30pm-7pm at main hall and followed by OCM test 1 on the next Thursday.goshhh, i am keen to start contributing to my lovely family, financially of course!

here are some list of people around me that celebrating their birthday :
  1. my adopted mother at kG Dura Terengganu on the 20 of march
  2. friend of mine, Ezmal Ab Rashid on the 21 of march
happy birthday to both of you~

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