Saturday, July 26, 2008

An evening at Central Square Sungai Petani

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

Movie time! It has been quite a long time since I watched movie at cinema. Recently, I continuously update the so called ‘Village Routine Task’. So this time, different topic. The last movie I watched was Ghost movie title ANAK with Mr.Radzi at JJ Ipoh last 2 semesters. I prefer to watch movie while having my lunch in front of my pc at home. Well, it just the matter of downloaded it from the internet. Back to the movie, it was so called Ghost Thriller Movie and pretty disgusting coz dealing with women’s blood which was scheduled to come every month… I guess everyone had seen the movie right? So, I don’t have to describe the synopsis of that movie. Today, I’ve watched Dark Knight at GSC and it was awesome! Great movie dude even though the duration of the movie was 2 hours and 15 minute. I won’t spoil the movie here and you guys should watch it by your own. I went shopping at Central Square (CS) with Boolah and his cousin Aiman and actually the major plan of today’s outing was watching the movie instead of shopping. But I did shopping some things and it caused me quite a huge amount of money… =p

/ngeh ngeh… soo sangap nak tengok movie kt wayang/

By the way, I am lucky coz still have SPE Student card which will be expired this coming December so I got the discount to but the ticket. FYI, I bought new mouse since my mouse having problem. I could online for 24 hours coz don’t have mouse… What a mouse!!! Then I bought the cheapest one at CS worth RM8 IBM branded. This time around I had to opt for PS2 mouse coz my usb port sometimes troublesome. Some update about Celcom Broadband here. This evening I was received a phone call from Manager of a factory asked me about Celcom Broadband!!! Told ya, I should be one of the ONLINE promoters. Guess what, he called me to ask about modem and the package. Ngeh Ngeh *dush* Person in charge, do take note about this~
Here are some pictures of Dark Knight Movie that I’ve Google thru the net. Enjoy~

p/s: Happy birthday to Arman

Sape nama minah nih~ lebey kurang awek Spiderman jek

Suara die mcm pelik sket time pakai suit Batman tuh

2 good friends ever!


  1. joker tuh memang macho. ahaha. ku nak jadi joker ar. ;p.

  2. yezza...sgt best la joker tu. btw suara batman is suppose to be different la klu ier nk cover suara dier. kang org cam lak. ngko klu shopping mmg. . .

  3. ad3ck:
    ko nak jadi joker??? hihi..kne toreh mulut dlu la smile all the time...muhahaha...joker tuh menyeramkan...sgt licik!!!

    hmm...watak joker tuh kne ngn batman..hihi..aah..kalo sora same je mcm bruce..msti orng mcam xmacho la suara cmtuh serak2 tuh..hihi

    aku mmg kaki shopping...kalo xdo duit...kaki goyang je le kt umh~ ko nnti g cameron jgn lupa bunga untuk aku tau~~

  4. joker dah meninggal ari tu..huhu.good actor tapi this is his last movie :(

  5. rosli:
    tpe2...nnti 2 face ade lak..aku cuak tgk joker men pisao tuh... haih... ngilu~ tp mcm buhsan sb slow sket citer nih..aku ske hellboy II.. muhaha

  6. aku x minat ar pelakon yg jadi Rachel dalam The Dark Knight. aku lagi suka Katie Holmes (pelakon asal watak Rachel dalam Batman Begins)..

  7. radzi:
    hihi...aah aku pon kureng suke sama dia seeyhh.. katie holmes lagik chumel kan?

  8. salam kenal..:)
    saya teramatlah suke movie ni. walaupun 2 jam , tapi tak terasa pon. Lakonan arwah Heath Ledger sangat mantap! Sayang dia tak dapat berlakon lagi. harap2 one day, malaysia mampu menghasilkan filem yang mantap mcm tu.:)


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