Saturday, July 12, 2008

Memory SMK Air Merah + PETRONAS

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

In memory - SMK Air Merah [macam kat Cameron-sejuk]

Here are some pictures taken at SMK Air Merah as my sweet memory. Even though it was just 2 weeks, I started to love teaching students there. As stated in previous entry, I did mention about the behavior of student sometimes overact. In fact, when I was teaching in front of class, some of them seem not interested to listen and just laugh at the back with their friends. Now I wonder how all the teacher feel and struggle when teaching in such class.

Thank You Teacher for everything !

To students SMK Air Merah especially form 4Sc2,4A2, 4A4, 2D and 1H:

"Please study hard and concentrate on your study for you future. I've shared my experienced with some of you that talk with me personally, do share with your friends. Please respect your teacher. Sorry for not having much time to be with all of you. Do contact me if you wanna have my suggestion/oppinion. Wishing you all the best for PMR and SPM!"
-Teacher Hafizd-

I noe how bad I was back 5 years. I started to enjoy life as a teacher and suddenly I got an offer from Publishing and Printing company [Yusran] to do Marketing. After announced to the students about my resignation, they keep asking me whether I got the offer from PETRONAS. Alhamdulillah, 2nd last day before my resignation day, I did received Express Pack [Extremely Urgent katanye] offer from PETRONAS Carigali at KLCC. Then I had to reject the Marketing offer and focus on the preparation of PETRONAS offer. Bad for me coz don’t have opportunity to mingle with Marketing world. I really had to concentrate on PETRONAS offer since I am sponsored by them; regarding the medical check up, stamp duty and so on.. Its going to be tidious to do it..I’ll update that soon. Those who still waiting for the offer, all the best and good luck! Last but not least, thanks to all the teacher at SMK Air Merah for your cooperation and guidance since 1st day i was at that school. Most importantly special thanks goes to Mdm Principal, PK1 and PK2 of SMK Air Merah for accepting me as replacement teacher. It was such a great experience for me~

p/s: Sok ade kendurik lagik..best2

Boys of 4A2 [some of them refuse to study if i resign!!!]

Guys of 4A2

Cikgu Fiqri, Cikgu Norafiza and me~

Me and Cikgu Zafiah [she's such a helpful mother]

Me and Cikgu Nurul Aini


  1. Good luck for the new job. :)

  2. student2 ko tau ke ko punye blog neh? dorang takde blog? ehehe

  3. rosli:
    thanks for the wish...

    derang keep on asking my personal info, so before i leave i gave them by name card. hand made tuh..muhahha..derang ade email,ym n fs kot...

    kalo nk tgk blog SMK air Merah sile ke sini :

  4. Wah, macho la Cikgu Hafizd kita! Berapa lama jadi cikgu weh?

  5. wah kemain pitya, part-time jadi chegu... mesti best kan?? suits you.

    btw, budak lelaki pengawas berkaca mata sebelah ko tu HOT!

  6. lun:
    hi chekgu...insyaAllah..title tuh akan melekat smpi sumer student2 aku mati...hoho

    aku jadi 2 minggu least aku smpat rasa pengalaman jadik cikgu..dlu aku dpt nih kire prektikal ler...

    Ouh, tq..sape nih eh..xtaruk name.. best la letih ler nk jerit2 dlm kelas lower form...kne slalu alert ngn karenah students...muhaha

    budak kaca mata tuh ke? nk berkenalan eh..boley2..sile tingal kan hp anda dlm peti surat aku aku setelah nada 'beep'. tq

  7. waaa..kije dgn carigali..rezeki ko jd kaya..tahniah2..org2 yg kije awal ni kene la blanje org2 yg xdpt kije lg ye..huhu..aku masih mnanti dan ternanti result interview aku..doakn aku dpt la eh..

  8. cydee:
    alhamdulillah...syukur ke hadrat ilahi. kije awal pon gaji bukn awl lg..muhahah

    well, ko ade spe2 yg ada contact cari bilik sewa area klcc??

  9. err...
    cikgu dh nk belah?
    anak murid laki je xmo sambung study?
    pompuan xde?
    ko blom cukup hot lg nih pitya..

    gl hf!

  10. Farhan:
    dah belah dh pon..tggu gaji jek.. muhahaha...student laki jek..pompuan menagis dlm hati...yg kasi hadiah ..dak pompuan...huhu...

    tp best gak ler jd cikgu..pahit getir~

  11. Anonymous tu sah2 la bdk pengawas yg pkai spek tu. pompuan mmg suke bg hadiah..coz prmpuan suke appreciate. at least tade la bile dh xde dpn mata baru seda...huhu. dpt adiah senyap2 jek x kasik tahu ek =P

  12. btw, xde gmbo pkai baju purple tu ke?? i like that kaler rather than this one

  13. bgus2..ade wakil sorg kt klcc. kije rajin2 ye, jgn ngulor gi shopping lak kt bwh. hoho

  14. Petronas carigali? Kerja as apa exactly ye? My dad pun kerja area minyak2 ni tp kat arab dah skrg.

  15. pitya cikgu? sure garang x hengat neh...kui2~

  16. I am an ex-air merah student. I left the skul when i was form 4.

    Let me tell teacher that the students in air merah r hard to teach. A lot of discipline problem.

    Like me, I like to sleep in class when i was in air merah...

    Beware of bombs and students that crash teachers' car mirror...and take them easy

  17. knal aku lagi ke geng?aku la cikgu paling hot kt sekolah.knal x?

  18. nk knal aku msj la no aku 0134575572


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