Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ex SKTBian Reunion

Yesterday we were having such a great Reunion of ex-SKTBian at Radix Fried Chicken RFC, Sungai Petani. SKTB stand for Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Tikam Batu ok. The reunion was attended by me, Husna, Boo-lah, Herry, Pali ,Future Doctor from Russia Husna Abd Ghani and the most vogue teacher Cikgu Ainal. Thanks to Cikgu Ainal coz treating us RFC. Sape2 yang tak datang tuh sangat la rugik! The meal was superb and I proudly ate more than 3 pieces of chicken. I am not blaming other product, but this RFC taste great and very healthy. It was made of organic chicken which is good for our health. Fyi, that place always congested with customer all the time mostly on the weekend. The main factor leads to this scenario is the HALAL status of the product and their service. I believe one day, RFC will spread their outlets and branch all over Malaysia and hopefully to oversea.

Back to reunion, it was so called successful event. Due to some unexpected problem, not everyone turn up. Mie Chot just come back from helping his father at stall. Fahmi Zam Zam is working shift untill 7pm and the rest of gurls at PENANG!!! OMG~ kemana janji-janji manis yang ditabur bagai gula yang tumpah dari lori eksiden *dush* Good for us coz we can eat more and more chickenssss. I did say that I ate more than 3 pieces of chicken rite? Seriously, it tastes great. After 2 hours of chatting and laughing with each other, we call it a day. Boo-lah was planning to have another reunion in some other time and expect more student will turn themselves up.

The only one in Malaysia!!!
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  1. salam...sedap sangat ke RFC tu?

  2. bgsnye Ashraf bg salam..ssh nk cr org cmni skrg hehe. (pitya suh spam~~~)

  3. sedap ke rfc tu???
    nak jugak merase tapi de kat kedah jer wat mase ni..

  4. ashraf:
    salam kembali...sedap..superb! hihi

    mmg dak baik pon...tgk la sape pemilik blog baik nih..hihi.. spam2.. sepam...sepamm.. ashraf, kak yon msih single tau~

    meh le bercuti kt cost pon bkn tinggi lagik...mihahaha... dkt je 2jam setengah smpi le dr ipoh nek kete...kuar hiway dah bley jmpe RFC nih...

  5. oitt! betuah pitya...promot aku lak. (spam lagik)

  6. oitt! betuah pitya...promot aku lak. (spam lagik)

  7. weh pitya, bile Ashraf bg salam ni teringat plak aku kt GC..hrp2 convo die die jg gerai RM hihi ko pn msti nk cr die gak cnvo nnti =P)

  8. Salam.... rupanya restoran tu kat sini ekkk?? coz dapat email yg dok kata ada new outlet kat Miri ni, puas ler dok mencari.... isshhh... rupanya the only one ada kat Sg. Petani...

  9. Ingat kopi radix je ade.. Restaurant Ayam goreng pun ade rupanya.. hehe..

    I have read your comment about celcom broadband. Just couldn't find the time to go to the celcom center. I thought of doing it this weekend, but I have to attend and organize the interaction day with my junior pulak dah.. Ish2..

    Thanks anyway. I will definitely check it later (and ask my dad permission - I wanted him to pay the monthly expenses. hehehe)

  10. Rush Murad:
    yup..the only one in Kedah... next maybe in S'wak~

    this restaurant is wholly owned by HPA which the production of RADIX~

    Celcom Broadband...ouh.. orait then. Hope to hear from u soon. I pray dat ur father will pay for the monthly expenses~ all the best~


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