Thursday, July 31, 2008

My very last day @home

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day;

I am sad. I am totally sad. After all, I won’t have this moment next time. Now I am in working world which going to be absolutely poles apart from student life. I won’t be having long duration of holiday anymore. I have to wake up early in the morning at coop with the morning environment which is traffic jammed! I am gonna love my life as student so much.

Taska -> SK Tikam Batu -> SMK Tikam Batu -> SM Sains Pokok Sena -> KMPP -> UTP -> PCSB

KL-Kedah, it takes 5-6 hours travel by bus thus I am gonna miss family reunion, marriage celebration, kawan2 especially Boolah, ‘jalan2 kampung’, visiting my grandparents and most important, staying apart from my family. These are the price I have to pay for my future. Alhamdulillah, I’ve completely finish my study and stepped inside the Oil and Gas world. I hope I could learn as much as I can about this industry, InsyaAllah. Therefore, I have to deal with it. After all, I am gonna make sure my family matters come first and cheer up my parents and my siblings. My promise! Thanks to those wishing me congrats and hope all the best for u guys too!

My lovely home~ Slamat Hari Raya

Another view of my house

Fyi, me and my family ate vegetable from my own garden yesterday! Alhamdulillah. After a month of taking care the garden and rite now, I am able to start harvesting the product. Even though it was not really look alike the vegetable that sold at the market, the taste feel great. Additionally, I didn’t use any pesticide except the coarse salt as snails repellent. Consequently, my vege was pesticide-free. Not for sale ok. I am just gardening to fulfill my pleasure time at home. I love gardening so much!!! This is the last day of gardening at my home. So I am gonna remember every single thing I’ve done at home coz everything has it starts and ends. Thanks to silent readers (ade ke?), to those who keep posting the comments and those blogger’s friends. This blog going to rest for a moment and after I find suitable time, I am going to rock it again!

p/s: Btw, ade berita hot!! Student IPT buang baby kt PERAK! -no comment-

This my very own grown vege!!!

Still on the ground~

matilah...xde kene mengena~ Last durian I ate last week. Free of charge coz just wait it fall down from the tree in front of my house. [pendek kata, sumer makanan kt kampung nih xyah kan???]


  1. dah start duk merdeka villa sound aku. lepak2 area ampang. hehe..

  2. ceh..pic makanan terlalu bnyk dlm blog ni..waaaa..nk jugak..ahaksz..hmm..raya lambt g la..isk ko ni pon ..aku yakin ko dpt blk raya..jgn wisau..

    ahahaha..selamat bekerja..

  3. yeop:
    baeklah.. i'll inform u then..

    aku.suke.makanan. do u?? hahaha

    slmt hari raya~! POSE PON BLOM

    tq2,,ko nyusul kmudian...miri ke sabah ker... =p

  4. oiii pitya... all the best kejee kt KL.


  5. br abis baca entry u..
    salam kenal

  6. Salam...yeah I have the same exact feeling now that I've finished my studies and am about to enter working life. Pretty nervous and excited and all other sort of feelings jumbled into one. :)

  7. bunyi sedih mcm kna gi oversea nun..padahal still lagi kat satu tanah..chill la beb..obviously boleh lg balik bile nak. hendak seribu daya, tanak seribu dalih. lol. btw, durian tu look sgt sedap...demm...

  8. tumpang sedih ehehheehe. eh nak tanye font ape yg ko pakai dalam gambo bubnga tuh? yang caption 'Another view of my house' tuh. lawo pulak ku tgk ehehehe.

  9. pitya.. jgn lupa jadi imam teraweh kat sana..

  10. f3:
    ok..thanks ya..all the best to u too!

    salam kenal..sile2 baca...don't 4get to drop some comments...hihi

    adzrul ariff:
    yeah.. me too.. rite now at PERMATA Bangi. already met wif some seniors and they said dat my job required me to travel a lot!! glad to hear dat...hihi..thanks...all the best to u too... congrats doctor!!!

  11. nurul:
    aku sedih kalo xdpt balik raya...hihi...gedix x aku ngn nazmi dah set cuti segala bagai...keje baru msuk ari nih...hihi.. =)

    durian tuh superb sedap ok!hihi

    aku xingat la font tu.. u have to wait for me to get back to my pc in kedah!!! i dont know the name of the font..sorry.. rite now, i am lost w/out my lovely pc and bookmarkssss....hihi *dush*..luckily the internet is free@@@!!

    bile tarawikh??? blom lagik la...hihi..ko la lebey afdhal! aku bkn bdak xsalah mencoba~ gud then! all the best for ur i/view!!!!

  12. Wah! i love vege and to grow them at your own garden is really a good experience. all the best to you :)

  13. Firstly, if I am not yet congratulating you for your first step to the big world of job, I would like to express my hearties Congratulation.

    My family, to be specific, my maid planted pandan, lada, kobis, serai, and other few daun2 hijau yang tidak dikenali just behind my back. My father is really concern about environment and how to optimize the unused land. Plant your own vegetables is a good step but you have to make sure that there is someone to take of it. Hehe

  14. Wahh!! U r UTP graduates huh??

    My lil' sis grads this coming 24th August... :) Congrats to u too... :) winkwink

    Study and work life will be a lot of different... I know some of you guys will be eager to enter this life called 'work' and enjoy ur first salary... :) use it wisely :) winkwink

    So, KLCC or you based somewhere else?? Take care... enjoy life to the fullest!!!

    Lastly, Congratulations.. :)

  15. faisal:
    yer.. it's nice to grow our own vege. it's much more protected from the pesticide.hihi...well, thanks dude~

    hi dude..salam. actually i plan to post all the info abaout those so called 'herb tree' but then i dont have much time to edit the pictures since i was busy doing my preparation to KL for work. After everything is settle down, i'll post my pc and i am going to start bloging again..for time being, i have to pc n no photoshop~ poor me.. *dush*

    love n hate:
    salam~ yerp i was a UTP graduate!!! haha.. do come n support me during my convocation yah.. do congrats to ur sister too.. hihi

    thanks for the sweet but important reminder. i'll promise that i won't spend it in the other way around *cross fingers* haha.. thanks for reading my blog yaa~


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