Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lunch Pack

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Last week I went for Project Independent Review (PIR) of Topaz platform held at Level 15 RNZ office, Great Eastern Building. This is my second chance to attend PIR after went for Angsi D PIR for pre-loadout. This time around, I had to play around with contract document! Perghh.. the finding from the contract will be change if something is missing. Thanks to Mr. Ariel coz help me a lot during this session. At least I learn something rather than stay in the office reading the manual. Fyi, TOPAZ was a project at Vietnam. I think I am gonna have chances to go and visit the site oversea.I wanna go there someday!!! Hehe..

The most interesting thing to share is Lunch Pack. When you were having meeting or conference internal or external, definitely lunch will be provided. As you can see the picture below shows Nasi Beriayi with papadom. Marvelous! I can save my money and good for health coz complete with vege and nutrition for life~

I’ve just check my email and for God sake, I have to go for HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) - Acid Gas Removal System for Tangga Barat Cluster at the same place for PIR last week. Yahooo~ starting from 10th November until 12th November I am going to have my breakfast and lunch for free. Also, great to inform that this coming 17 November, I am off to Kerteh Offshore (Angsi). This is going to be my first ever opportunity to go offshore and experience the life at platform. Counting days~

Lunch Pack yang sedappp~


  1. waa..gmbr header tu xtahan woo..gempak leh..ari2 dpt makan free ker? kayoo aa pasni..hehehe

  2. kak suhada:

    mkn kenyang jek..xkaya... kalo claim taxi kayo la sket~huhu


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