Thursday, November 27, 2008

LABUAN! Here I Come.

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Sape2 pembaca blog neh yang berasal dari
or sedang bermastautin di sana???

Ado ke? Well, I'll be stationing there from this coming Sunday until further notice from my Bos. Also, I'll be celebrating Aidil Adha there with my friends from UTP such as Muhyi, Kurik (my WANTED!housemate), Bob, Radzi, Abang Zhafri and the rest. My secretary already booked flight ticket from MAS. I'll be departed on Sunday 1845 from KLIA and will be fetch by Muhyi! Thanx dude~

Fyi, I am supposed to go offshore this coming Sunday and I already bought the Bus ticket from KL-Kerteh. Burned already! hehe. I'd rather say that I am a bit lucky coz not going offshore at this monsoon season. I can't imagine how harsh the environment there. Anyway, there will be my time to go there in the future - might be Sabah's Offshore~

I've Googled and Flickred some pictures of Labuan then automatically I wish I have DSLR D80!

Do enjoy the pictures below. Noted that all the picture was taken from Flickr and Google.

This the hotel where I'll be staying next week

Want to figure it out when have some free time

Hmm, Taman Botanikal~

Labuan War Cemetery - Top result from Labuan image search.

Labuan, here I come. Hopefully, I'll be successfully carry out tasks given from my Bos on Bokor Project.


  1. have a nice trip! Belum pernah lagi sampai ke Sabah and Serawak. hehehe

  2. Boolah:

    Meh la ikot.. bwak new baby ko sme...hehe


    Thanx ya! If u have time, do come here...cheewah..macam dah ade kt Labuan jek... hehe

  3. selamat ber"outstation" dan ber"jalan2" nnt raya ni aku tolong makankn bahagian ko..hahaha

    p/s: thanks for the dvd :* muahhhh

  4. Bro, u pergi Methanol or the other Petronas place?

  5. Harith:

    hehe..thnx Harith.. ko tuh cuti2 sem neh bwk2 la tlg orng tua kt umh tuh.. jgn asyik tdo je...


    i attach kt Bokor office and the office just in front of Methanol.. where r u dude?


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