Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MAS wings

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

At last I am safely arrived at Labuan this morning. I was forcing myself to get out of bed about 5.30am in the morning coz need to catch first flight to Labuan. It was MAS wings! Hehe. Very excited to board it for second time after arrived at Miri last week.

This time around, I got extra time to feel the vibration of Fokker 50 while observing the view inside and outside the plane. Stewardess pon lawa2..Ngeh ngeh. But, due to fever, I am not fully enjoy the trip very much + sleepy meepy some more~

Enjoy the pictures taken with my C902-flight mode~

P/s: Happy 1st Anniversary to Yon - Keje rajin2 dengan PETRONAS!

Fokker 50 waiting for inspection

My seat just beside it. Horror~

MAS Wings - Night view

Teruja sebab macam maenan control~hehe

Little bit small compare to Boeing *LOL*

Tada~ end of journey.


  1. 5.30 miri = 6.30 KL. ssh nk bgn ke? huhuu..tenkiu for the wish!! =)

  2. Yon:

    Lame2 jadi keliru aku kalo balik semenanjung sb smyng asar kol 3! slalunye kol3 baru nk smyng zuhur~

  3. bestnye fly. da lama tak fly ehehehe. apa beza maswings ngan mas biasa?

  4. Ad3ck:

    hehe..maswings kt sabah/swak je ade..huhu..

    maswings ade kipas kat luar..pastu gegar giler mase nk take off n landing..macam bas terbang pun ade gak sebab seat die ade 2seat kanan, 2 seat kiri...ahaks


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