Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leaving hometown

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

It's been 4 days I spent my time here in my lovely hometown. Meeting with my family, my grandma and some of my cousins. Even though, it just a short time, it was valuable to me to actually boost up my spirit to work far from them.

After this, I got to allocate fix time to get back hometown. I did took a lots of pictures using my D80 and going to share it in some other time. Fyi, I'll be staying in KL for a week before fly to Labuan. Got in-house training at Convention Center KL.

Pix taken in front of my house


  1. Salam HAfizd...kak iza masih kat kampung lah.. esok balik ke Nilai dah, selasa start keja.. syok kan balik kmpg, mak jamu macam-macam hehehee

  2. Kak Iza:

    Salam kembali...yerp..sangat best di kampung. Tapi mse mula2 smpi, panas giler lah. kemarau panjang..cuma hari jumaat petang start ujan..alhamdulillah...

    mkn memang macam2 pon..=P

  3. being at home is the best kan? huhuh. unfortunately selalunya the moment is always too short :(

  4. Rosli:

    Yerp..the time run sooo fast..raining some more make my day dull for 2 days.. hihi..

    luckily managed to take pictures with the kids~


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