Saturday, December 20, 2008


Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

It's has been quite a long time since my last post. I am too busy with work! Even, there is no weekend for me and my friends here. But, I got something to tell you guy. I am going back to KL and my hometown next week. Yahooo~ Supposedly, I planned to go back this weekend, but the schedule of presentation was changed to next week.

In addition, my bos also suggest me to take leave for 1-2 days since I was celebrating Hari Raya here. Plus, I really miss my family and especially my Grandma. I know deep in her heart, she is suffering. I want to comfort her. I will...

Please take a look at the pictures of pearls and bracelet attached. This picture was taken at one of the pearl shop in Labuan. I went there last two week with my friend at work. The choice is too much. What I am thinking right know is to be a dealer in Peninsular =p

What else to write here, hmm.. I think that I better bought DSLR! I am craving for that~ Also, I want to wish ‘Selamat Pengantin Baru’ to my cousin who getting married last week.

There is another one thing, I know there is silent reader in my blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the entry here..

This is my hand~

There is a lot! Island of Pearl!

Some more to see

I like this one... sparkling markling~

Want a gift?

Don't stare at the Lady!

In front of Pearl shop Labuan


  1. waa~
    nak pearl satu dozen!

    hey hey!
    saye dah pindah rumah.
    tukar la link ok!

  2. chantekkknyerrr pearl ittewww..

  3. arrghhhh pearl2 beads2 waaaaaa

    aku giler same itu mende sbb itu jer jenis yg aku leh pakai selain gold haha

    wei borong byk2 pastu ksk aku....hehe leh wat bisnes

  4. dieya:

    dah tukar..hehe.. nk ke pearl tuh? hmm..kene consider bnyk orng nk kasi neh.. jual online lah~ =p


    okes. satu set siap. nti anto no resit transaction cimb yer..

  5. wah! terujanya saye! that white pearl dem coool!

  6. Wah cantiknya gambaQ yg first tuh.. sib baik kak iza tak minat sangat pearl ni. walaupun dah 2 kali pi sabah, taklah memborong sakan menda ni hihii...

    selamat balik kampung :)


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