Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Entry 2008

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

It's great to inform that yesterday I already bought D80 at Fotokem KL Sentral before fly to Labuan. Welcome to the world of DSLR. Also, I am very lucky coz my friends here at Labuan also got their own DLSR, D90 and Canon 350D EOS. Right now, it's the time for me to explore, try & error, playing with shutter and last but not least aperture.

Hopefully, my time at Labuan will be fully utilize to upgrade my photography skills as well as my capability to execute work given by my Bos. Hehe..Let see some picture taken from my new BabyBorn D80 below. Fyi, pictures below is original without any touch up using Photoshop CS 2.


Also at KLIA

With a kid in the flight. From Alor Setar.

Happy Birthday to Muhyi!

It's a LANCER! damn gorgeous

Now, waiting for the next wishlist~ Let's work harder and pray to Allah with the hope He'll bless us in whatever effort we put on to live happily in this peacefull world.

Selamat Maal Hijrah 1430
Happy New Year 2009!


  1. wau.. tahniah2 4 the new babyborn! blajar rajin2 nanti shot power2 bagi pengsan sapa yg tengok nanti..!

  2. op satu lagi.. tu kek tu hampa potong ke hampa kecaikan? macam tu la hasilnya kalau org laki potong kek kan! kahkah..

  3. Damn, that's a nice one. Anyway, Happy New Year 2009. This is from me, Sam Sitha. Use your D80 to give me more beauty of Malaysia...I really miss Malaysia now...5 Years in Malaysia, it's just like home.

    Best wishes for new year


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