Friday, November 11, 2011

Awan Daniel & Awan Dania~

Salam 11-11-2011,


Saya dah adopt new pet last 2 week. I bought it with full package with the best price offered by the pet shop near Nasik Ulam Restaurant, Wangsamaju. They are Awans – Awan Daniel & Awan Dania. Both of them make me remember of our late Awan that passed away killed by probably by Dog or Cat at my hometown.


11112011 051

11112011 056


Therefore, this time around I’ll take care of this Awans and make sure them live happily ever after.


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  2. wah siap.. awan daniel ngan awan dania.. mcam tajuk filem ke novel ke apa ke hehehehe tapi mmg cuteeeee sangattttt....

    hehehe komen diatas terdelete.. huhuhu


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