Wednesday, January 14, 2009

D80 Product #1

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Today was my last day at Decommissioning Seminar held at The Westin Hotel. It was super duper great seminar about demolishing platform. Normally people just focus on building platform, but in the future when there is no more production from that field; what should we do with that platform then? The answer is Decommissioning it properly or in Bahasa we call it "Perungkaian". Okes, enough about that.

Let’s just take look at some pictures taken using D80. All the pictures had been edited using Photoshop. Some comment please... =P

Hmm..Btw I need to sharpen up my skills not only in photography but also in presentation skills (formal presentation @ informal)... Need some help coz I am nervous in front crowd~


Hanjing at Yard

Marlboro - Belongs to Peja~


  1. hehe eh ye ke nervous time presentation? i think u are one of the best presenter masa kelas PCS dulu :)

  2. Jazlin:

    Hmm.. tuh mse kt UTP..skng dpn manager2..ahaks..kne polish up..dapt g obersea project~ Aminn

  3. pic 1 (the gauge) is a bit dim. underexposed perhaps?

    pakai lens apa? kit?

  4. Gambo kotak rokok yg belongs to hafizd tak amek? ehehe.

  5. me tak fandaiii nak komen komen one uoolsss.. but nice shot..

  6. Mighty:

    lense 18-135mm...kit original D80.hu2..tq2


    saya tidak merokok~ ehehe..


    Tq en_me

  7. ermm..oklah gmbr2 of dreams adik da pun tercapai...

    errr mau kan model? hehehehe

  8. aku suke yg gambar ade anjing tu..tapi kalo ganti dengan kambing lagi ok kot..hehe..heheh..tapi kalo edit jadi retro style lawa dol pikya...ape2 pon nice try...keep it up...aku pakai D40 jek...tak termakbul lagi nk beli...huhu...

    nway, lame tak dengor habaq hang..ape cer skang, bila mau banje aku...


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