Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twenty Three

Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day

Today is 25 of September 2008 and that is my birthday and my twin! Alhamdulillah I am still alive till this very minute. Thanks to Mama & Abah too for their support. Thank you Allah for everything you had given to me. I've been getting so many things this year and year before; start from completing my degree course in Civil Engineering specialization Petroleum and entering the most extravagant working world in PETRONAS Carigali. Well, I am not celebrating it today because I am in the middle of dessert. Hoho.. actually at Teluk Ramunia Fabrication Yard. There is nothing special here except the peoples that working at the yard under the hot sun and a couple of Jacket and Topside that waiting near the shore to be load-out and sail away to offshore soon.
Thanks to those who sms me the birthday wishes. Special thanks to Boolah coz design me the birthday card [click here]. Thank you very very much! Well, i really hope that I can celebrate with my family and the rest of my friends soon. There are many items in my wish list that everyone can contribute. That is the HINT!!! ahaha Love u guys!!!
Ok, got to go. I have to settle everything regarding the load out jacket procedure before Hari Raya. I am going back to KL tomorrow and the next day I'll catch Maraliner and going back to Kampung!!! Nak makan masakan umah plak.. windunye..Yeah! Jemput la datang umah yea hari raya nnti~
Balik Kampung....oooo balik kampung.. hati girang!!!!! Have a safe journey back home!

Peace .. macam salah je sign V neh
Birthday Wishes For My Friend

On your birthday,
I wish for you the fulfillmentof all your fondest dreams.
I hope that for every candleon your cakeyou get a wonderful surprise.
I wish for you thatwhatever you want most in life,
it comes to you,just the way you imagined it,or better.
I hope you get as much pleasurefrom our friendship as I do.
I wish we were sisters,so I could have known youfrom the beginning.
I look forward toenjoying our friendshipfor many more of your birthdays.
I'm so glad you were born,because you brighten my lifeand fill it with joy.
Happy Birthday!
P/s: Happy birthday too everyone that celebrate their birthday the month with me~ Btw, the Dell people had called me yesterday said that my green DELL lappy is already arrived and asked me to collect it. YahoO~


  1. hoho~
    tuwe seyh.

    happy birthday!!

  2. happy birthday :) Semoga diberkati umur & murah rezeki, and selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

    ... you have a twin?

  3. raya kat labuan? pergi la. muhyi ada sana. aku insya-Allah pergi PIPE dulu. :D

  4. Nurul:
    thanks babe..meh ler dtg umah raya neh yer...

    thanks... blom tua lg la..still muda remaja~ ahaha

    Adv Ariff:
    aminn... sama2 la kita berdoa untuk kebaikan semua.. well, i got twin, but not similar. not identical.. hihi

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    Selamat Hari Raya!

  6. You have twin?? Wow.. that's cool! Happy Belated birthday to you bro.. I am really sorry for missed out your posts this lately~ Sigh...

  7. oit..biar la lambat wiish..hepi belated besday..

  8. hepy belated bday lah yerk
    wei cube ko post sket pic ko+twin ko tuh besaq2
    nak tgk sket twin ke x

  9. Happy Belated Birthday. Hai orang yang lahir bulan September ni banyak similaritynya. Contohnya I have the samge green Dell notebook... hehehe

    BTW did you attend my lecture when I gave the lecture to UTP students on the development of UTP?

  10. bluecrystal dude:
    thanks bro.. yerp.. i got twin and his name is Hasrul.. it's ok dude.. U r still studying so dont have lots of time be waste... haha...

    hehe..thanks dude...

  11. kd:
    aah..kembar aku nih besar sket dr aku..tembam sket..aku pon dah smkin tembam nih.. haih..

    nnti aku post gmbo kembr aku dkt2..

    thanks bro.. u got the same green dell lappy? wah2.. mmg same minat la..after this lets figure out what some other things that we have the same interest..


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