Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So fast!


Now already February 2012! Wow, it's so fast. I am writing this entry inside my room at Global Sapphire Drilling Rig. This entry shall be published once I have stable internet connection later.

This is the 2nd time staying onboard drilling rig. Well said, the food is much2 better than other vessel that I've stay. I love the vege that they served. Tempting!

The environment here also great since I got to know DSV and personnel onboard such as Matco, Geologist, Medic etc. They are friendly even though our trip here is just make they trim down their bedding space. Sorry, nothing else that we can do, just follow the request from management.

Internet here with no wireless is miserable. You have to quickly grab the IP address if you want to get online. Tired with conflict iP.. Ottokeee? Need to improve on this. My BB and Tab got no signal also and surely there will be lots of update once I've got the connection :p

Work and work! Bila mau ended zaman bujang? Sape suka kt saya? Suka vs Sayang tuh ade beza ke?

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  1. hello buddy,
    nice to see your posting on Global Shappire. It seems hard to find little info about it, I means in term of life there. Well, honestly said, it is my first hitch there, which will be on 22 March. anyway, what was your segment when you are there?How was the accommodation, food, or probably wifi there? Sound like I'm demanding huh..lol..nope..just curious. anyway hope to heard from you soon.


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