Monday, November 1, 2010

Nukilan hati

Assalamua’laikum and a very good day to all,

Dah lama tak menulis blog.Abes berkarat idea  nk tulis. I know it has been a while tak menulis. Sorry kepada pengunjung yang kerapkali melawat blog nih tanpa rasa jemu. Well, actually there are lots of thing to be shared here mostly pictorial entry. But, the connection is suxx here. If outstation pon, blur plak nk menulis. I wish my writing mode is back so that i can write again and again in this blog.

Tadi pegi menonton wayang di Wangsawalk ngn someone special. Kisah sepasang couple yang ditemukan oleh kawan baek masing2 yang dah berkahwin cuba membesarkan anak kecil yang diwasiatkan kepada mereka. It’s was amazing story. Ada part2 yang hampir menitis air mata sebab terkesan dek babak lakonan yang berkisar kehidupan nih. Well, you should go and watch it yourself! Go now! ok

Well, this coming Friday is Deepavali, so happy Deepaavali to those who celebrate it in Malaysia and all around the world~

Let me list down the entry that should  be published after this:

  • My 50mm lense in action!
  • Jakarta Bandung trip~
  • The latest book in my collection!
  • New hobby!
  • New wishlist~

I think enough for this time around coz I don’t want to be burned up with the promised entry~ hehe.. Okay, Gud nite everybody~ It’s  011110 now!


  1. bro, ape tajuk cite nyeeee.. lupe nk bgtau ke suh teke sendiri bro? heheee

  2. nama tajuk movie tuh Life as we know it..something like that...


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