Friday, October 17, 2008


Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

Ok, enough with Celcom Broadband! Now let talk about something else rather than CB. Hurt enough. Yesterday I was attending BOSET. What the hell is BOSET? Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training – this is required from someone who going to offshore either for work or simple visit. This is a must. Same goes with me. Luckily I don’t have to pay for the fees. The total amount is near RM1500 per head. Thanks to PETRONAS for the treat!

The training was held at MAS Academy of Kelana Jaya by SEQU Offshore Safety Sdn. Bhd for 3 days. For the first 2 days only theoretical class which listen to the lecture regarding Basic Offshore Safety, Basic Fire Fighting, Sea Survival, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) including Emergency Breathing System (EBS).

Day #1

The course aims to give new entrants to the offshore industry basic insight of activities and the need of develop a safety culture. In short, to prepare oneself with the adequate preparation in case of emergency i.e Chopper going to land on the sea or fire at platform. I’ve learned about PPE, Permit to Work and transportation type which cover the preparation to travel offshore, boat transfer, swing rope and transfer personnel by basket.

Me, Hosni & Din

Day #2

Managed to get information regarding Basic Life Support Techniques for example EAR (Expired Air Resuscitation), CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), Self Rescue and the last but not least is Basic First Aid. After lunch, the training was continued with Theory of Fire, Classes of Fire and Practical session on using various Fire Extinguishers. During this training, I was having an opportunity to expand my network and make new friends from a range of company for instance Hosni and Din. Not to forget Ian from Halliburton which the hero among us. For the first time, I had the chance to use fire extinguisher and practice to put off the fire. Well done!

Fire Team


Day #3

This was the final day that most of us are waiting for. Before attending BOSET, there are a variety of myths and version of stories regarding the training.

"The chopper going to rotate more than 3 times and you’ll definitely lost control and can’t find the way out during the chopper being submerged under the water – Anonymous

The instructor going to submerge you in the pool while you still not ready to inhale the last breath – Anonymous

Trio lagik.. Kene tangkap basah

Just before capsize

Capsize already. If you panic... Good luck to you!

Well, the story above was just nonsense. I managed to pass the training with flying colours. Same goes to the rest of participants. At pool, once again I had the opportunity to breathe using oxygen from the Oxygen tank like in the TV where the divers used to breath underwater. Cool! Even though the mouth piece feel a little bit uneasy coz being share with the rest of participants, the instructor actually dipped it in the disinfectant liquid after use. So it’s a good practice of hygiene. In the end, I managed to pass the training. Thanks to our happy go lucky instructor - Mr Zamani, Mr. Lesly and Ms. Tan and Director Techinical Training Colonel R J Brown.

Now I am questioning myself – Am I ready to go offshore??

Place where peramugara/i wat simulation


Yeah! We managed to pass the training~

Enjoy this video taken from Youtube

P/s: Happy birthday to Hanis Bashir!


  1. Hai Hafizd.. Kak Iza dok kampung lagi ni. CB tu langsung tak leh pakai. Connection tinggal 53kbps. Huhu. Taulah sini kampung tapi jauh betoi tu tahap kelembapan dia kan.

  2. kak iza:
    mlas la pkir celcom broadband.. mengong x kg?? hu2

  3. perghh..syok tgk gambar2 ko..all the best..nnt ape2..baik beli insurans..namakan aku sbg next of ur kin..thanks..nnt aku g claimed kalu ada ape2 berlaku kat ko..hahaha

  4. harith:
    siot jek..doakan la aku selamat dunia akhirat..haha..all the best test sok.. dah lama aku xmerasa test kt test room or mph or main hall utp...

  5. So where are you attached now? Dao kerja ke. My advice to you be sincere while doing your work.

  6. Mohamad:
    Right now I am at Teluk Ramunia for Angsi-D project...

    InsyaAllah, please pray for me to be sincere in whatever avtivity i involved in.. thanks

  7. pergh..siap detail cite pasal bosset..aku pon best jugak wat bosset..skali ngn baiti,mira,feroz n akkil..mat dan planner..alih2 stuck kat cheras sbb accidet jadi mat dan kena postpone..anyway..boset mmg best gle especially bab HUET..xcaye aku boleh lepas dowh..tapi bab terjun platform plg xbest..dh gayat tgk bawah lupe step2 yg betol nk jump..hahaha..

  8. ana:
    haha.. biasala.. nnti dlm log bog bley copy paste jek. mlas nk taip dah.. hehe.. npe ko wat kt consis? hu2.. aku kt MAs academy..

    mse terjun tuh ok jer..mebe sb aku dah biasa ngn swimming pool kt utp... haha

    mse HUET pon aku buat 2 + 1 extra sb teman sorng mamat nih xde passengers nk diterbalikkan.. haha.. so aku dpt free 1 HUET with EBS.. hahha.. best2..

  9. Wah.. Best giler.. Hehe.. Siap tenggelam2 dalam air. hehe..

  10. adik saye pon nak gi offshore nak amik kusus ni.ok x?

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  12. I will share Approved Medical Examiners list rev1 2013 soon. This is applicable for those who are going to work with PETRONAS project offshore.


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