Thursday, May 29, 2008

Review of

Dear readers, mostly UTPian, have u ever heard about I’ve surf the web for a couple of times and I’d found out that the main page is very² catchy during my first glance. Wanna know why? It is because of the faces of the person that I really know them in UTP. Sarah and Azzy. Well, they are models for the website. Feel free to take a look ya. What’s more, TudungToday actually the online platform that sells many types of Tudung such as Selendang, Tudung Bawal, Tudung Bawal Batu Hitam, Tudung Bawal Kerawang Sulam Manik, Tudung Bawal Kerawang Sulam Manik and many more of latest collections. Frankly speaking, you should take a look at it. The price of the items sell also reasonable and you can either pay via online transaction using CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and Paypals. They are using Post Laju and Fedex / UPS as delivery method.

So guys out there, if you're looking for a gift/present to be given out to your mother or lovely girlfriend; don’t hesitate to take a look and choose the suitable ones. For more info, just click at the picture below.

[miss hot, miss beauty, miss elegant with stylish, charisma and confidence]

p/s: I am doing this because of BORINGnism fever! Everyone has safely gone to their lovely sweet home except us – final year final semester of UTP students. Happy Birthday to Mohd Radzi Subahir


  1. Error Description Organizational policies prohibit access to this page.

    cam biase. siot jek~ kalo swiss in ade wifi blh gak tgk nnti. kawen muda pn dh miss byk nih (blk lwt..)

  2. great post! should do review byk bende lagi yang search internet tak jumpe :)

  3. laman web jual tudung pun ada ek. first time bukak laman web mcm ni. menarik2. :D

  4. mcm2 lagi ade jual kat malaysia ni kot... abg blog update selalu k!

  5. miss elegant = sarah

    miss beauty = azie

    miss hot = SIAPA? tak kenal pun?

    oh yeah~ happy birthday to me!

    tq.. tq.. jom makan besar~ aku open table. cepat2!

  6. to adk blog; baiklah,abg blog akan update² slalu.thank u for visiting~ nnti bley le jmpe


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