Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Bismillahirahmanirrahim and a very good day fellow readers!

This time around, the seminar session so far so good. It's all about decommissioning of platform and of course the old and unproductive platform. We got 2hour lunch break and 30minute break for tea in the morning and evening. Can you imagine that? Leisure and pleasure.Muhahaha..

Right now, missing Labuan already. Really need to go back and catch up the 'ongoing' activities over there. KL is not bad, but I used to stay in Labuan for quite some time. So dah terbiasa tak stranded dalam 'Sardin LRT'.

Well, one thing I've forgot to announce is that I must stay in Labuan until further notice. Previously I did mention that my bos asked me to be in KL since early February right? Not anymore, the plan was changed.

My mom's orchid~xde kene mengena ngn tajuk diatas.


  1. windu kat bunga okid mama itewwww.. sodeyyynyerrr

  2. en_me:

    huhu...balik kejap dgt ari tuh...sedihnhye..

  3. wess..lupe nk reply email ko smlm
    nk asap ke? ble due?

  4. Yon:

    ikuk suka demo la ble nak reply~

  5. sian ko,tak dapat tengok muka bob & mike ari rabu.dorang saja nak abeskan cepat b4 lunch coz ramai ada hal hari ni.so esok baru dorang fokus tajuk lain.aku ni pun x pasal2 kene balik opis ni.huh.

  6. mantappp!!! love to hear (read) you speak (write) klate slanga hahhaa!! nnti blh practise lg. with harith or me perhaps ;)

  7. Tajul:

    haha..nak wat cmne..aku plan nk masuk lpas lunch.. tp tgk balik schedule program...too leisure...haih.. jmpe sok kt convec


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